A divorce can be a very challenging ordeal – physically, emotionally, financially, and relationally. But who says every divorce has to be miserable and devastating? By prioritizing your health, you can stay happy and sane, which will bode well for the future and allow you to move on faster.

Strategies for a Healthy Divorce

As painful as divorce is, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it’s possible to have an amicable split in which you and your spouse both go on to live happy and healthy lives apart. In fact, isn’t that the ultimate goal of a divorce?

If you’re unsure of how to proceed or what you should be doing to set yourself up for long-term success, the following pointers should get you on the right track:

1. Use Divorce Mediation Services

Are you familiar with divorce mediation? It’s simply a process that allows you and your spouse to work with licensed mediators who are skilled at helping couples privately and confidentially identify, discuss, negotiate, and resolve issues without the use of attorneys.

The four major issues that are discussed and resolved in divorce mediation are the parenting plan, child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution. (If you don’t have any children, only the last two apply.)

The major benefit of divorce mediation is that it allows for an amicable split. Instead of pointing fingers in court and working with expensive lawyers, you’re able to calmly discuss important issues like mature adults and get healthy resolution on important topics.

2. Create New Hobbies

If you’ve been married for any length of time, then it’s probably challenging to separate your life from your spouse’s life. You did things together, enjoyed some of the same activities, and had many of the same friends. One of the more difficult aspects of divorce is that you’ll have to start fresh in many areas of your life.

You need to create new experiences that don’t have your spouse attached to them. This may mean finding new hobbies that allow you to establish new memories and associations.

3. Prioritize Physical Exercise

Those who work closely with divorce on a regular basis often compare it to the death of a loved one. If nothing else, the stress and grief that come with a serious split is comparable to physical loss. As such, you have to prioritize self-care and attend to your personal needs.

Physical exercise is critically important in staying healthy during a trying time. Not only does it keep your body in shape, but it also allows you to pour your frustration and energy into something that’s safe and worthwhile.

4. Find Someone to Open Up With

In addition to caring for your physical and relational health, you also need to prioritize your mental health. While alone time is good for recognizing and dealing with thoughts, it’s helpful to open up with someone. There’s something about verbalizing your thoughts and having someone listen that’s healthy and refreshing.

For your own protection, this should probably be someone of the same sex. Whether you realize it or not, you’re extremely vulnerable and emotionally fragile during this time; you want to avoid putting yourself in any situation that could complicate your feelings.

Do Yourself a Favor

Divorce isn’t easy.
Having said that, you can’t let this divorce ruin your life and bring down your
physical and mental health – because it certainly will if you let it. Do
yourself a favor and prioritize your health so that you’re able to move on and
thrive when the timing is right.