Staying in work you hate isn’t keeping you safe. It’s time to stop denying your fulfillment.

You would give anything to have work that you love again, right? Waking up each day as excited as a kid with a new bike to get out there and rock your work and make an impact. Well… just about anything.

Despite the fact that your job makes you feel unfulfilled, unchallenged, and pretty much dead inside…

Despite not being able to see a future where you are because you’re in a dead end relationship with your work… 

Despite each day being a repeat of the same thing… you waking up, banging your head on a brick wall, going to sleep and then doing it over again. YOU STAY THERE. 


You have a ton of reasons, right? 

Health insurance, pension, money, tenure, you’re too old, it’s too late, you need more credentials and this biggie… staying for your family.

The truth is it isn’t REALLY about any of these things. It’s about you. You’re scared to make a change because you’re questioning if you’re good to enough to do what you REALLY want. You’re afraid of failure. All the other reasons you feed yourself are a bunch of excuses.

You can make money, have health insurance, and all the other things you want, including taking care of your family… DOING WORK YOU LOVE.

And you know what? When you start making more self-honoring decisions and showing up as you REALLY are, not who you think you need to be, you lead by example. You teach your family to do the same. What example are you setting for them now? 

The good news is that you are empowered with free will to decide how you want to live. Lots of people become paralyzed by fear and do nothing because they think it’s 0-60, quit my job tomorrow and then I’m left to suffer, and what will I do? So much drama and it doesn’t have to be like that. 

Now you might be thinking, easier said than done, Jennifer. 

This is what you need to do.

?Breakthrough the fear that is holding you back.

?Get clear on what you want to do.

?Make a plan.

?Take action.

?Receive results.

It IS this simple. But the fear, worry, and lack of worthiness you feel are what’s making it hard.

Imagine a life where you love your work and you’re making an impact every day?

A life where you’re leading by example and creating a legacy for your family and for others to aspire to.

A life where everything feels like it’s finally falling into place. You’re truly happy and fulfilled, with a purpose.

You can have this life and you’re the only one standing in the way. If you need a deeper level of support I can help you get there in a lot less time. If this you, connect with me here and let’s chat. It will change everything for you. 

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