How do you stay motivated when it seems like nothing is happening the way you want it to?  Or in the time frame you want?  If you are anything like me, you want it when you want it.  Yesterday.

Life has plenty of ups and downs.  We know this however it doesn’t change the fact that we want to always be on the rise.  Naturally. It feels good.  It lifts the spirit.  The down turns are no fun and if you let your mind focus on a downward trend, that is where you will stay.  The longer you stay there, the harder it is to get out of it.

I have found having a daily routine helps me avoid focusing on the down times too much and accomplish most of what I want to get done for the day.  Without it, I flounder.  

  1. Make coffee.  
  2. Coffee is vital to my survival and ensures my mood is generally good for the day.  Without it, I find I am tired and cranky by early afternoon.  
  3. Create a list of what you want to accomplish for the day. Make a list every day of what you want to get accomplished.  Have a notebook or use your computer.  I prefer to have a notebook that I can carry with me.  I have found over the years if I write something down, it sets the intention.  I often do this while I am having my coffee!Work through your list and check off each entry as you accomplish them.  If you don’t get through your list that day, move items to your list for the next day.  This will keep them top of mind and save you the hassle of going back and looking for outstanding items.
  4. Exercise. Once I have had my coffee and made my list, I head out for a bike ride.  Truth be told, I never want to do it.  Never.  However, it has become a time where I can clear my head and after I have ridden a few miles, I have more ideas for my day.  And I always feel great after I do it.
  5. Shower and get ready for the day. I know this seems like a no brainer but for those of us who work from home, sometimes this just doesn’t happen.  I get it.  I have found by forcing myself to do this daily, it sets my mind in work mode and no matter what comes up, I am ready.  There’s nothing worse than a last-minute zoom meeting and you are not camera ready.  And trust me, when you turn off the camera mode for the meeting, everyone knows why!
  6. Build your calendar. Build it for the day ahead or for the week with time slots to accomplish your goals.I have blocks for creating content, writing, planning, client sessions and me.  I build my slots around when I know I will be on point.  Be sure to schedule a break during the day and step away, even if just for 15 minutes.  It presses the reset button for the remainder of the day.

When working with my clients, I strongly recommend they create a morning routine, write it down and commit to sticking to it as best they can.  I have always used lists at work.  Adding list making to my personal life has been helpful, especially when I was going through my divorce.  It gave me a sense of normalcy when nothing seemed normal.  It helped me to stay motivated rather than focusing on all the negatives which can lead to that slippery slope of blah.

Figure out what morning routine works best for you and start designing your day!