In my eyes stress and motivation feel like opposite ends of the emotional ladder.. wouldn’t you agree? 

So, the questions is, how can we find our way out of stress, into motivation and stay on track in creating a life that we truly love and deserve, especially in really stressful times? 

I often talk about the emotional ladder in both my corporate and personal programmes as I feel it gives us a great visual for our ever changing feelings and thoughts.

Think of despair being the bottom rung of said ladder and joy being at the top. During the course of our lives we range between both ends of the ladder. In fact, even during the course of a day if you’re anything like me when I am hormonal.. ha, anyway I digress. 

Sometimes we realise that we are spending more time hanging out around the rungs of stress and anxiety, when really we want to be motivated and progressing in life. The key is to find a way of moving from stress to motivation, one rung at a time. 

It is easier to miss out the rung of overwhelm on your way through J  

I think my analogy of the ladder is pretty cool, we can literally see what steps we need to take to get to where we really want to be. Think about what levels of emotion may be in between stress and motivation and simply think about what you need to do to get to the next one..

If your emotional ladder looked like this;










Here are the steps of the emotions that you will travel through to get to where you want to be, of course they may be more varied or something very different in your body but I think this helps make sense of things!

Next big thing here…

The questions that you ask yourself are KEY here, in fact when you really keep in check the questions that you ask yourself, and the questions that you ask yourself will change, so will the answers that you find, so will your thoughts, so will your beliefs and you will start living a very different life in a very short time! Now, start getting excited my love, because it can be made as simple as this; no magic pills, no harmful meds…just a series of different questions which help you to arrive in a different place in your mind which has a direct impact on your stress levels. YESSS GET IN!

Where you can start?

If your day, or life for that matter, is in a place of disinterest, you can always get the next rung up, simply ask yourself how to get to curiosity, how to get to hope or even inspired.. ask yourself how to get there.

Remember your brain is always giving you answers to the questions that you ask it so you may as well get used to asking power questions. Would you agree?

When you have got to your next desired state you elevate your questions again. Constantly ask yourself..

How can I be better?

How can I be more inspired?

How can I be more courageous?

How can I be more?

How can I contribute?

How can I get excited?

How can I be more motivated?

What do I need to do to stay motivated?

Write your answers down and keep asking every day, that’s how you will keep the levels of motivation up.

Your brain will always give you the answers, so it is really important to keep asking those resourceful questions. I have seen so many of my clients go from feeling down and depressed to excited and inspired about life through the asking of power questions. If you struggle to create your own please feel free to use mine or let’s jump on a discovery call and I can help you to get to where you want to be.