When we hear stories about different individuals working hard each passing and making each day count for their quest to make it huge in their areas of interest; it automatically energises others with the right amount of positivity to believe in their dreams and make efforts to turn the same into a beautiful reality. Today, when we hear about so many success stories across industries; one thing that stands common amongst all those is the persistence of individuals who made them stick to their plan and keep moving forward for creating milestones in their respective fields. We had the good fortune to meet one of these passionate professionals named Stefan Thurairatnam, who has earned a unique place for himself as a luxury content creator, excelling beyond boundaries in the travel niche.

Stefan Thurairatnam is a Sri Lankan content creator who was raised in Toronto. Apart from his studies in graphic designing and his interest in photography, one thing that he felt his heart hooked onto was travel. Growing older and travelling to places with people, he realized his passion for both photography and travelling. Working in a good corporate job, Stefan Thurairatnam realized something was missing in life, and he decided to turn his focus towards the luxury travel industry. This landed him with the chance to become an ambassador of Luxury World Traveller from Gill Antolin. This was the start of a new beginning for this talented guy and since then he has never looked back.

Visiting places not only has grown him as a luxury influencer but has also taught him gratitude and have allowed him to learn more about the different life aspects, including our planet earth, nature and so much more. He has also got the opportunity to meet so many people along his journey to different parts of the world which have had a positive impact on him as he confesses. Today, he gives major credit to Gill and Luxury World Traveller, where he is a media partner, which is a famous luxury travel page that breathes millions of followers.

Stefan Thurairatnam is the man and the mind behind LuxVision Media Group that is all about creating high-end luxury content production and robust social media strategies. The brand helps people transform their ideas and visions into reality by optimizing and utilizing creativity, innovation, powered with original ideas and strategies that help its clients reach more people, increase their footprint in the industry and get them nearer their desired business goals.

As a luxury content creator, most of his partnerships have been with 5-star luxury resorts and hotels. He has collaborated with the illustrious most properties and hotels of the world. Talking further about his collaborations, Stefan Thurairatnam says that he always chooses brands he truly believes in and those that align with his visions.

After the pandemic, the passionate luxury content creator aims to explore many other exotic places on earth, and this has also become his speciality where he is becoming more known as a discoverer of the hidden gems of the world. To find out more about this extremely talented and passionate luxury content creator.