While on vacation 14 years ago, I woke up without any feeling in my left leg. I remember sticking a fork in it and was amazed I could feel no pain. I could walk just fine — so naturally I assumed I was slowly turning into an X-Man. After a few calls to my doctor friends, I was on the next plane back to Seattle, where a team of doctors quickly diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. 

For those who don’t know, M.S. is a pretty scary disease namely because it’s so unpredictable. One day you can be fine, the next day your vision goes haywire; or you go from running a marathon to stumbling when taking a walk in your house. But the most insidious unknown of M.S. is the disease progression that can range from asymptomatic to debilitating — and no one is quite sure why.

At the time, I was a relatively new father and had teams on four continents working to build software the world uses every day. I couldn’t just slow down or let the disease hold me back from being the leader, father and friend that I needed to be. So I jumped in with both feet on aggressive treatments designed to keep the disease at bay — and they did work.

Unfortunately, the side effects ranged from feeling like I had the flu for seven years, depression, and eventually skin cancer. I was popping 2,000 mg of painkillers a day to keep up my high-paced lifestyle, often clocking in 150,000 miles a year in the air and 100 nights in hotels across the world.

Today there are objectively over a billion sites, books, Instagram accounts, and apps telling you how to live better. I don’t know about you, but when I have too many choices, I usually don’t make one. 
So while I was prolonging the duration of my life, I certainly wasn’t enhancing the quality. Something had to change.

With a background in engineering and science, I dove into the research around functional medicine, systems biology, and immunomodulation, and convinced some of the world’s greatest doctors, like Mark Hyman, to take me on. After hundreds of hours of work, over 200 tests, and a significant cash outlay later, I built a protocol that literally stopped the pain and other side effects within three weeks. I developed an aggressive regimen — exercise, a strict diet, fasting, the right supplements that had scientific backing, social and emotional work, and life hacks that run the gamut from automation to assistants.

They may seem basic, but there are four simple, yet effective, things you can start doing today to change your life for the healthier:

  • Water: Try and drink half your body weight in ounces every day.  I’m 165 pounds, so I’m 80ish oz of H2O a day.
  • Greens: Dark, leafy greens are best. Focus on getting AT LEAST 2 servings a day — kale, spinach, arugula, watercress, microgreens.  Avoid iceberg and romaine. 
  • Sleep: 7 hours a day AT LEAST.  If you don’t believe me, watch this year’s TED talk
  • Get outside: Even if cardio isn’t your thing, the act of being outside even 20 minutes a day has radical mental health benefits. 

As a result, I have gone from ghost-walking through the pain haze every day, acting as though I was an invincible hustler to someone who has literally never felt or performed better — despite my disease! I still take on too much, I still am on too many airplanes and sleep in far too many hotels, but at least now I am in control.

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  • Stefan Weitz

    Ceo + Founder


    Stefan Weitz is the CEO and Founder of Jetson. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than 13 years ago, Stefan was subjected to a heavy regimen of prescribed pain pills and other drugs. And despite reassurances from the medical team treating him at the time, he knew there had to be a better way. What followed was a lengthy, exhaustive search to uncover the latest and most effective ways to overcome the health challenges that faced him. After digesting (get it?) research study after research study and working with noted medical and health practitioners across multiple disciplines, Stefan was able to ditch the daily fistfuls of big-pharma products. He also discovered a world of honest solutions and simple habits that can improve anyone’s health. Knowing the various health challenges Americans face, including diet, stress, and sleep habits, Stefan was inspired to share what he’s learned. And thus, Jetson was born.
    An 18-year Microsoft veteran who built technologies used by 1B people across the planet - and then successfully sold the 2nd largest independent eCommerce company in NA. A best-selling author on technology as magic, multi-patent holder and angel investor, Stefan lives to dream up and then build the future. Currently, Stefan is helping several companies navigate through complex transformations as a board member. Most recently, he was the EVP of Advanced Technologies at Radial, helping retailers and brands thrive in an ever-changing and complex e-Commerce world. He is responsible for 350+ business and engineering leaders who are instrumental in running a profitable $250M business. Radial successfully exited for $850M in Nov 2017. Until 2016, Stefan Weitz was the Senior Director of Search at Microsoft and charged with working with people and organizations across the industry build and promote Search technologies. Prior to Search, Stefan led the development of Microsoft’s next generation online platforms and developed Microsoft's muni WiFi strategy and implementation, leading the charge to blanket free WiFi access across metropolitan cities. Stefan has been writing code since he was 8 years old and is fluent in both hardware and software architecture, trends, and potentials. In his career, has led various groups in Windows, Security, and global business strategy in roles ranging from development to program management, business development to marketing. Stefan holds a half-dozen patents in various disciplines and is a frequent lecturer to industry and academic groups on the future of information storage, retrieval, and usage. He is on the GenCon Board for Conservation International and active in Endeavor Global, a non-profit dedicated to incubating high-impact startups in developing markets. Stefan is assisting the nation’s youngest VC to promote entrepreneurism to high school students via "The Third Door", a new book and platform launching in 2017.