When younger, she experienced so much pain. Pain she chose to bury, ignore and lock away. She faced times that gave her too much strain, But her secrets she still could not say.

To others she was upbeat, vibrant and excited. They experienced her zest for life and all her joy. But to herself she was constantly spited. The life she was living, she did not truly enjoy.

This was the norm and dark thoughts would appear, Almost routinely to kick her arse. She’d hide away until safe to reappear, Knowing that for a while, the bad feelings would pass.

Then the reality of her pain rose like a beast, For she fell again and the glimmer of light disappeared. She had a choice, to die or release the pain of the past. Choosing strength – a new life, she pioneered.

For the first time, she allowed herself to speak the words she had hidden. She allowed herself to feel what she avoided. By facing her obstacles the pain and sorrow was overridden. The experience of meeting her true self coincided.

She discovered the spiritual, nurturing side Of a soul she thought would always be tainted. She shares her stories with nothing but pride, In a bid to help others stop feeling haunted.

Creating her new life is a never ending journey, Because demons don’t like to be silenced. But she now knows, happiness and freedom, she is worthy, And the power she holds within is enhanced.

She is fierce. She is strong. She is brave. She is soft. She is caring. She is nurturing. She understands a new life she will pave. With new miracles constantly appearing.

I am thankful for everything as it was my lesson from the Universe To step away from the dark, surround myself with love and fully immerse.


  • Jaci Rogash

    Transformation Coach

    Jaci Rogash Coaching

    Jaci is a Transformation Coach, Writer and Speaker for high functioning women who have faced trauma or significant adversity in the past that still affects the way they live their life today. Jaci helps her clients overcome negative self-talk, build better relationships (with themselves and others) and start believing in themselves so they can clear the roadblocks holding them back from living the life they dream of, and discover a genuine happiness they've never known.   Having faced adversity of her own, including sexual assault, stalking, family violence and bullying, it took Jaci almost 15 years to address all of the hurt in her life, finally get to know her true self and allow herself to start chasing her dreams. In doing this, she discovered her calling was to help other women overcome the obstacles that have been holding them back and start believing in themselves and putting themselves first.