Golden State Warriors’ star Steph Curry is remarkably humble for being one of the biggest names in the NBA. And that includes his attitude on being paid a lot less money than a player of his caliber typically makes.

Curry — currently rounding out a four-year contract worth $44 million, which is still a huge amount of money — only ranks “82nd among all NBA players and fourth among his teammates” in terms of salary, Cork Gaines writes for Business Insider. But Curry has a down-to-earth perspective on being paid less than those 81 other players, one informed by his father, former NBA player Dell Curry.

“One thing my pops always told me is you never count another man’s money,” Curry said in a recent interview with Tim Kawakami of The Mercury News. “It’s what you’ve got and how you take care of it. And if I’m complaining about $44 million over four years, then I’ve got other issues in my life.”

The point guard is a “two-time reigning NBA MVP,” Gaines writes, and he’s proven his value during the ongoing NBA Finals. Heading into Game 4, Curry has been averaging 28.7 points, 9.7 rebounds and 9.0 assists a game, according to Bleacher Report.

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For perspective, ClutchPoints writer Mark Abel points out how Curry’s performance and pay compare to Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson: “Curry, who’s half-a-foot shorter and made a little over $3 million less this year than the 6’9” Tristan Thompson, had more rebounds in a single game than the Cavs’ big starting man.”

Curry certainly inherited some great genes and an admirable sense of values from his dad, but he probably won’t have to deal with being underpaid for long. Curry will likely renew with the Warriors, Gaines writes, and will be “eligible for a five-year, $207.4 million contract, the largest in NBA history.”

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