Stephanie McMahon speaks at Advertising Week 2021

“I’ve grown up in WWE,” McMahon says. “Giving back has always been a part of our brand. We just didn’t always talk about it.”

These days, World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon isn’t shy to chat about the various social issues that personally drive her to leave a positive footprint on the world. McMahon made sure to proudly highlight the company’s multiple charitable causes during Advertising Week in New York City. Stephanie wants to help encourage other brands to get more involved in practicing philanthropy.

During a recent stop at the Great Minds Stage on October 18, McMahon spoke to Michael Gewirtzman, Advertising Week’s Global Programming Director. In a riveting conversation about WWE being a leader as a disruptor in trends involving media and live entertainment, McMahon made the time to talk about the different organizations WWE works alongside with.

Photo: Kyle Stevens

“Times have changed so much. For me–for WWE–we have so much reach around the world. I actually feel it is a responsibility for us to promote pro-social messaging. We have four different pillars to giving back. We have a partnership with Make-A-Wish that’s lasted nearly 40 years now, almost since their inception,” McMahon says.

WWE’s CBO listed off the other charities that the company is currently working with. Stephanie reminded the audience that WWE and Susan G. Komen partnered together for its eighth year. Komen is a breast cancer organization which focuses on patient navigation and viergous advocacy. Stephanie also highlighted Connor’s Cue, a foundation she created in 2014 along with her husband, Paul “Triple H” Levesque. Connor’s Cure raised over $3.5 million and assisted more than 500 families around the world in their fight against pediatric cancer in honor of Connor Michalek, an eight-year-old boy who lost his fight against the disease. McMahon also touched on WWE’s inclusion bucket with the Special Olympics, Ad Council, and the Civil Rights Museum, among others.

“Now we’re able to really recognize not only big organizations, but also the local community heroes,” she says.


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