Stephon Hendricks, author, blogger and traveller, has helped people around the world overcome PTSD and find new hope to continue on with their lives. 

Following the deaths of his nine-year-old son, mother, and comrades in the Military, Stephon has learned how to Recognize, Accept, Get help and Execute his way through PTSD and has since dedicated his life to help in the fight against stigmas surrounding PTSD and trauma.

Let me draw your attention to the values and principles that Stephon has applied in his life to help him navigate through anxiety, PTSD, and achieve success.

Drawing Inspiration

Everyone has that one thing that gives them the required drive to push forward in life. This is what we call “motivation.” 

At the beginning of his journey, Stephon shared that his personal healing was his main focus; being the person he was before PTSD took over was the utmost priority. When he realized that healing himself from the inside could help others, he stepped up to the challenge.

Sharing and documenting his story by curating content proved to be inspirational to individuals beyond his following which resulted in the ultimate motivation for him to keep going.

Overcoming Stress and Burnout

Most individuals fail to admit it, but burnout and stress are just as serious as any other medical condition out there. These two ailments can cause your immune system to break down, leaving room for other illnesses to attack.

In light of this topic, Stephon points out how powerful the human mind is. With the mind at peace, anything is achievable. Apart from this, you also need to be able to communicate how you feel to others. For example, writing down your feelings on paper, speaking to others or journaling. These are all ways to express how you feel and handle stress effectively. 

For burnouts, Stephon recommends that you plan your day out the night before and follow a routine. Stephon reveals that his day starts out with meditation. During this time, he sets his intention for the next 24 hours and lists the things he is grateful for. 

This helps him start his day on a high note and the rest of his day is carried out based on a well-ordered schedule. 

Achieving Growth

Although growth in a particular aspect in your life is something you can learn, the change has to come from within you. That’s why Stephon advises you to commit. Make a decision that you want to grow and commit to it. 

“Growth looks different for everyone. I only know what works for me and that’s all I can speak on. Self-help books have been heaven-sent.”- Stephon says.

It’s relatively easy to get educated on any topic you wish to grow on. You can google search the specific areas you want to work on and see what books show up and read them.

Take notes on everything you want to implement into your own life and just do it. You can also write a list of positive affirmations that you want to speak over your life. 

According to Stephon, there’s a lot of power in positive self-dialogue so continue to encourage yourself every day and manifest your reality! It might be hard in the beginning because you’re accustomed to being a certain way but if you want to grow, you need to get uncomfortable.