Remote work is a somewhat new work model that has been gaining a lot of momentum throughout the last decade. Praised by both employers and employees for its benefits, the model is an essential part of millions of careers out there.

Not everyone handles the daily commuting and sometimes stressful office spaces. Almost nobody likes starting their car or taking public transport to work. These are just some of the reasons how remote work enhances your daily life. No stress, no 9-to-5 schedules, and you have maximum freedom.

So, how do you start such a career? Here are a few tips that can get you going. It might not sound easy, but it truly is. Remote work can bring incredible benefits, which include cutting transport costs, more time to focus on your health and wellness, a better sleep schedule, and of course, more time for your loved ones.

  • First of all, research and get as informed as possible. Many before you have, at one point, felt uncertain about what remote work will bring, how it will affect their daily lives, and is it too good to be true. People have shared their experiences on the internet, offering useful insights into this work model. Getting familiar with remote work is vital, as you must know what you can expect.
  • Even if you are already employed, network with as many people as possible. No matter if these people are part of your work network, or they work in a different country, you never know what kind of useful info you might obtain. Not every company approaches remote work in the same way. This way, if you are ever to become an employer, you may encounter an even better remote work model you can use for your future business.
  • If you consider working remotely, or you are already slowly venturing into it, set up a perfect working space. If you get to work from the comfort of your own home, make sure you feel good in your workspace. About 83% of people believe they do not need to be in their office space to be fully productive, but most of them want to be in a productive environment.
  • Still, keep in mind that there is still work to do. If you do not have a separate room to turn into your home office, make sure to turn a corner of your room into your working area. This way, it will be easier to get into work mode, and the rest of your home is for relaxation and free time.
  • See what options for remote work your company can offer. Many companies and most corporations out there have fairly advanced business plans that include several weekdays dedicated to remote work. Ask, and you will find out that your employer might be oblivious to the fact that you would like to work by yourself. There is nothing to lose. If there are no policies on remote work, and you think this could be detrimental for your daily life and relationships, try finding a different company. 
  • Pomodoro! No, it is not a curse word—it is an Italian word for tomato. In the western world, “Pomodoro” is a reference to a technique for raising your productivity without beating up your brain. Using a tomato timer, you will be working in cycles. For every 25 minutes you work, you take a 5-minute break. Millions of successful students and workers use this technique every day. Try giving it a shot. Not only will it make you more productive, but it will make you feel more productive.

The bottom line is that there are many ways in which remote work can benefit your life and career. Try and see what your company’s policy is, and jump into it. You will feel much better, you will be more productive, and see your relationships flourish. There is still a lot to learn, so keep reading.