I have learned over the years that anxiety and being overwhelmed are more about the mindset we hold and the actions we do not take.

Anxiety stems from the worry that we create for ourselves about not having enough time, space, resources to do what we believe at the time is necessary to accomplish a task or goal. Overwhelm is what occurs when we become so stressed and anxious that we shift our bodies into a state of shock. When your body goes into shock it’s informing you that you are out of balance and need to take steps to align back into balance.

This is where Alignment and Flow come into place. We must choose to listen to our inner guide and utilize our inner resources to create a new decision that’s in our highest good. When we follow the direction provided to us internally then we are in alignment. But when we choose to listen to an external source such as our family, friends, or employers then we are out of alignment and flow.

Being in a state of flow means that you are going with the tide or current, not against it. It means that you are taking action that continues to go smoothly. If you meet resistance along the way then odds are you’re going in the wrong direction.

Now as one of my favorite mentors, Gabby Bernstein, says “Obstacles are detours in the right direction”. I remember not knowing what she meant by this and consistently being upset because I didn’t get it and I was facing many obstacles at the time.

However, the lesson I learned is that when we face obstacles, it’s literally the universe telling us to stop and need to take a break. It’s like being in a maze and you have to go back to your last turn point because the path you went down lead you to a dead end. Well, when I returned to my turning point, I realized that I was consistently avoiding claiming something that is a very deep part of me, my intuition.

Intuition is what guides us on our path and creates a stream of opportunities. Your intuition will show you the direction to go in, that benefits your most optimal level of functioning. Intuition is the source of going with the path of least resistance because it shows us what is truly on our heart’s desire and the fastest way for us to achieve it.

So the next time you feel anxious or overwhelmed, take a minute to place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and breathe deeply within. Allow your intuition to speak to you and guide you down the path of effortless flow. Tap into the medicine within you and embrace your own divine wisdom. This is how you can step into ease and eliminate overwhelm in the moment.