How well would you say you know yourself? What makes you the woman you are today? Do you have a purpose in life? If so, what is it? Do you know what makes you happy or the things you want out of life?

These questions lie at the very core of what self-discovery is. As the foundation of the household and nurturer of children, knowing who you are is essential to living a prosperous life, and more importantly raising children who do the same.

When you’re so wrapped up in living life, your mind becomes clouded with everything but yourself. You’re too busy working hard at your job, mothering your children, and being a rock for your spouse that staying true to yourself or even knowing your true self makes its way to the bottom of the to-do list. Lots of women are aware of this, but few actually take the steps towards discovering their true self.

Barriers of Self-Discovery

Why do so many women fail to learn about who they are? There are several reasons, but here are the most common:

Reality – Digging deep into the very essence of who you are is a difficult process. It will require you to take a look at how you’ve become who you are. This may lead to harsh realities. Finding out the potential skeletons in your closet or unwise decisions you’ve made throughout life can be a hard pill to swallow. You may not even like yourself. So, rather than see reality, it appears easier to avoid discovering yourself and digging up past wounds.

Lack of self-love – How can you love yourself, if you have no idea who you are? This is a very common barrier for women in their quest to truly discover who they are. For some reason, they have always regarded the acceptance and opinion of others as higher than their own, therefore, making yourself appear likable and loved by others is an easier choice than loving and liking yourself.

Too Much “Life” – You’re so consumed with the responsibilities of “life” that there is little to no time to focus on finding yourself. You’ve adopted a method for simple survival rather than learning how to adopt qualities that will allow you to live.

Such barriers cause a constant inner struggle for women. Some become emotionally imbalanced while others turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like using drugs or alcohol to mask their emotions. If you or someone you know has reached this point turning to a female drug rehab or therapist for help is the most effective solution.

Steps to Discovering The True You

What many women fail to realize is that though it may seem easier to settle for less, pretend things are okay, sweep things under the rug, and carry on with a survival attitude, the truth is, lack of knowing who they are is the core factor for a lot of problems in their lives. If they take the time to learn about themselves, how to love themselves, and really understand what they want from life, many of life’s circumstances would be nonexistent, or at the very least, easier to deal with. If you’re tired of struggling internally, follow these steps to discovering who you really are.

· Dig deep and don’t be afraid – in order to discover why you are where you are in life, you have to be willing to look at your life under a microscope. Some of what you discover may not be pleasant, but it is necessary for your self-discovery.

· Give yourself a pat on the back – in your search to find yourself, there may be some things you don’t like but you have to change your way of thinking. Look at all you’ve been through and the positive choices you’ve made. Start giving yourself a pat on the back for your strengths, accomplishments, and wise choices.

· Determine your purpose purpose is what gives you the motivation to get up every day. What is it you want to accomplish in life? Write down a list of things you’d like to achieve and focus on the one that really resonates with you.

· Spend time alone – for the most part, you’ve been reliant upon others to help you discover who you are. Now is the time for self-reflection so spend time alone. You can write in a journal, treat yourself to lunch, take on a new hobby, or whatever else you believe might interest you, just do it on your own for the time being so you can figure out what makes you smile, what matters to you, and what your core values are.

Discovering your true self won’t happen overnight, but when it does the relief you feel will be worth the effort it took. Lots of women take on the weight of the world while suffering silently on the inside dying to find her place of happiness. If you are this woman or know a woman like this, you’re encouraged to follow this advice on the long journey to discovering and loving who you truly are. Then, and only then, will you have true happiness.