The highly competitive nature of the design industry can be very discouraging for many aspiring designers. Just like all businesses, it entails taking risks and necessitates dedication, hard work, and creative innovation. With over 20 years of experience designing fabrics and interiors, Florida-based designer Steven La Fonte is living proof that no matter how competitive the industry can get, having a vision and a mindset for growth can still lead to one’s success.

Steven La Fonte has chosen to advance steadily, not hurriedly, but with the grace and the precision of an organized entrepreneur who understands the value of timing and establishing a strong brand. In a world where consumers consistently respond to growing trends, Steven opted to stick to his personal design philosophies to create a distinct brand that is genuine and classic. Understanding very well that a strong brand entails a lot of hard work, Steven focused all his energy on growing his design company, which he established in 1999. 

“I believe branding is a building block that was a major contributor to the success of my business and future business. It can help you reach any number of goals, both personal and professional. I knew I needed to develop a brand that would lead me to many opportunities for advancement. I had to create a strong, well-known brand to enhance my credibility with clients and the marketplace as a whole. Through my branding, creativity, and client service, I was able to gain recognition, loyalty, and competitiveness,” Steven La Fonte reveals. 

Before he decided to develop his own design company, Steven La Fonte was working diligently as a designer and manufacturer of luxury draperies and beddings in Manhattan. The New York native has been honing his passion for design for quite some time and envisioned himself one day owning his own company that gives him the freedom to showcase his artistic gifts. 

Steven La Fonte developed his business to focus on bespoke designs for a specific set of clients. His inclination toward the classics is made current by the addition of bold colors and remarkably created furniture. As an entrepreneur, Steven prioritizes meeting the expectations of his clients. His objective is to be able to capture the taste and personality of each client without fully deviating from his personal touch. Steven is best known for his excellent customer service skills. Clients are often impressed by the amount of time he invests in getting to know them, their preferences, and their expectations. Steven believes that maintaining open communication with his clients is key to the success of a project. 

When it comes to innovating, Steven is always ahead of the times. His visionary nature enables him to see potential trends before they even happen. This rare talent is something that has differentiated Steven steadily from his competitors over the years. He is currently in the process of developing his signature custom furniture to serve an even bigger market. 

In the past years, Steven La Fonte’s excellent work has always preceded him. He has been featured by various publications that include the Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors + Design, The Robb Report, and Florida Design Magazine. With his new venture slowly coming to fruition, the likelihood that he will succeed in furniture design and manufacturing is extremely high. 

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