E-commerce has become a new way to conduct business, and commercial transactions done online or over the internet are becoming more significant than ever.

The reason behind the sudden boom in the industry is because most organizations can target a wider audience locally and internationally. More companies are promoting “paperless” transactions by digitizing the processes and information in the firm. This way, the company can save a lot from its expenses and contribute to the environment.  

E-commerce is composed of various types. The most popular ones are the Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumers (B2C), and the Consumer to Consumer or (C2C). The Business to Business or B2B is a type of e-commerce that exchanges products and services only between businesses, such as online directories like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. Another kind of E-commerce is the B2C or Business to Consumer, which focuses on retail and targets customers directly, like Amazon. Lastly, the C2C or Consumer to Consumer business is e-commerce that focuses on the trading of products between consumers, like eBay.

Steven Ridzyowski is an e-commerce and digital buying space leader that has been in the industry for over ten years and took advantage of the opportunity to follow the footsteps of these companies. He is the founder of the E-commerce Marketing Agency. Steven’s businesses focus on the creation of Shopify stores and marketing of products and services through various platforms. In the past three years, Steven showed exceptional work by creating hundreds of converting funnels and converting more funnels resulted in growing more online stores that gained revenue to 6 to 7-figures. The entrepreneur, together with his team, have done over $30 million in paid ads throughout their 10+ years of experience. 

One of the services promoted by Steven’s Agency is Turnkey Ecommerce Stores. The Turnkey E-commerce Solutions provides benefits of being able to sell products and run the store profitably on the world’s largest online marketplace. The company aims to assist entrepreneurs in setting up an online store from top to bottom, ensuring the success of the business. 

Steven assists small and large businesses looking to expand into an E-commerce store. He also helps entrepreneurs who seek to have their marketing to be handled entirely by the company’s team. Another group of entrepreneurs that Steven supports is business owners who plan to build their business from brick and mortar and transition this to an online store, bringing it to a whole new level. 

Steven’s business advantage over his competitors is that he has mastered everything from product research, to product trends, to marketing in all kinds of niches that made a significant impact on an online store’s success. The entrepreneur keeps finding ways to stay on top of trends and continually creates new converting funnels which most agencies don’t do. Another advantage is that the company doesn’t charge the typical agency fee that will add the burden to entrepreneurs and eat into their profits. Instead, Steven Ridzyowski only takes a small percentage from the entrepreneur’s revenue. 

Today, Steven Ridzyowski is a top entrepreneur who is continually helping business owners transition their firms to online retail. There are more possibilities that e-commerce has to offer for these types of people. If you want to know more information on how to transition your business into an online store, you may contact and book an appointment with the company through this website.