Sticking to the path. For those who might not be aware of this yet, let me enlighten you. To get good at anything, there’s a certain path one must stick to, in order to achieve success. However we all are tempted in one way or another to stray off that path. Which sometimes just leads to delays, while other times leads to complete abandonment of the quest. Now this isn’t just about pickup but with everything in your life. I believe many of us gets into this whole self-improvement stuff, because we are dissatisfied with our current situation.

Have you ever felt slightly depressed when you haven’t been going out for a while. Or been in a zombie state where you just watch the whole world fly by you. You just feel like s**t, and all your old limiting beliefs and neediness pops up again. That my friend is because your are not living in alignment with your values!

Sticking to the path

Means to stick with the values, beliefs and standards that you have chosen to live by. Everyday you do not live a life according to those set of principles, they get weaker and you will feel even more dis-empowered by it.

Usually guys feel undeserving of women, or any success in life because they feel a lack of entitlement. You obviously won’t feel entitled to anything, if you haven’t done anything to feel that way i.e. sticking to your path.

And really it’s true, you have no valid reason to feel deserving of any of it, if you haven’t worked for it. Most guy earn money, and think that is the way. But yet again it’s just a mild case of social conditioning. And it also comes from a impressionist mindset rather than an expressionist who loves what he’s doing and money is just a bonus.

But to feel deserving of a girl and gain a sense of achievement in your life. You must start with achieving stuff in life. Does it mean you need to be a billionaire and get plastic surgery if you are damn ugly? NO.

It just means that you need to set goals in your life, and principles/values that you live by actively.

Fx. If one of your values are a man of action, every time you know or can feel you need to take action in any given situation, then you must, cause if you don’t you will feel that you let yourself down, thus dis-empowering yourself. This will eventually build up until you just stop doing anything. Your brain can’t see the difference of slipping up in gym or in a social interaction. It processes everything as the same thing ” letting yourself down” “becoming lazy” ” Being a p***y and not pushing through”. It’s like a muscle you need to constant work on it to grow. At times you feel resistance towards taking the right action, you need to use your willpower and push through.

So by working out. Going to the gym and get a workout plan. and stick to it. The more you do, the better you feel about yourself and the better you look. It’s a sense of achievement + health improvement right there.

By sticking with your goals and principles — the more you feel entitled and deserving of any success in your life.

Because you’ve earned it!