We have now started in on our 2024 journeys and I must say that I’ve been liking this year so far. Of course, we are only two weeks into it. Still, I feel like I’ve gotten off to a good start in terms of staying on track with the goals and objectives that I’ve laid out for myself. I hope that it’s been the same for you.

Today is January 12th which is officially known as Quitter’s Day when people give up on their New Year’s goals. Don’t fall victim to it! I’m not going to.

Here are some things that you can do to avoid the urge to quit and ensure that you stay on track this year:

  • Be honest with yourself about the way that you’ve started 2024. Have you been leaning into everything that you planned for yourself or have you been cutting corners? Check in and take a good look at your behavior and actions.
  • Analyze your progress towards goals and adjust as necessary. Did you kick off the new workout routine like you wanted to? Have you stuck with your plan to write for an hour a day? Did you engage in a new, healthier diet? If not, revisit it.
  • Find a support system. It can be helpful to team up with someone who can help you move towards your goals. It can be someone who has the same, or similar goals, and you can work together. Or it can just be someone that you trust to have your back.
  • Join a group that shares similar interests. There is nothing like the support of a larger community to keep you excited about and focused on your goals. And, you’re in luck in that regard. Today, there are many groups out there both online and in person for all sorts of interests.
  • Create habits that support you. Maybe you haven’t yet established healthy habits that will position you to stay on track. Think about how you can make them a part of your regular day.
  • Revisit your schedule. Take a long hard look at how you are spending your time. Are there time sucks that are unnecessarily grabbing your energy and attention? How can you elimate or reduce them?
  • Come up with ways to simplify. Have you overcomplicated your obectives? Is there a way to streamline them to become more manageable?
  • Check in on your mindset. Do you have, and are you exhibiting the right attitude to make your dreams become a reality? If not, give yourself a tweak.
  • Adjust expectations if needed. Perhaps you were a bit overly ambitious when it came to setting your goals. Is there a way you can modify them to become more realistic (and attainable)?
  • Hold yourself accountable. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to be held accountable and make things happen for yourself. What are you doing to this end? It’s all on you to make 2024 your best year yet! You can do it!