Once upon a time, recently, I read something profound.

Along the lines of … That if you are sensing that you are living in a world that is spinning in a way that feels ‘out of control’ or that ‘your world’ feels out of control the best thing you can do is to be still. 

Thats right. 

Do nothing. 

Be still. 

Go and meditate. Sit. Breathe. Meditate. 

Slowly walk along the beach or better still (yes ironic use of the word ‘still’) just sit on the chairs by the sea side or the parks and literally be ‘still’.

Breathing in the fresh air of the sea breeze, or the green aroma’s of a forest or park setting or the tranquil vibes of an inner city library or art gallery. 

Find your ‘stillness’ spot and go there, be there and be ‘still’ or be ‘stillness’.

#Truth – A little known fact is that once you become calmer with an inner sense of ‘stillness’ you can influence the energy of others in your life, work and community. 

You will become a ‘stillness’ beacon.

Yes it all sounds too easy. 

So just try it.

What if I am right and you and your world feels calmer, happier and stiller for a while. You will influence the world. 

Thank you!

Jo x


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