5 Tips for Introducing Yourself Like a Winner.

Did you notice that when you ask someone what they do, they often sound apologetic, their answer tends to be convoluted either downplaying or convincing that what they do matters? They’re starting their introduction assuming that they’re inferior. They often describe what they do by making it sound easy, insignificant and boring rushing to move on and ask questions about their conversation partner. Once the talk shifts, they feel relieved. I’m sure I don’t have to convince you that this is not an attitude, which will help you to live the life you want. Here are 5 tips to make a winning introduction:

  • Believe what you do matters. You have to be the first one who will believe that what you do matters. Don’t present yourself and what you do as insignificant trying to appear modest. By doing so your conversation partners may decide that you are not worth their time.
  • Exude confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself and in what you do, no-one else will. Presenting yourself in an unattractive way may deprive you of opportunities. We will be reluctant to help and associate ourselves with someone who believes he’s not worth our time.
  • Rehearse the answer to what you do. You won’t sound confident if you stutter or explain in circles what you do. Rest assured this question will come up in your life often so get ready and prepare a short introduction, which you’ll be able to recite with no hesitation. This will make you sound believable, professional and like someone who others would want to make professional introductions to.
  • Have a few versions of your introduction. Depending if you’re at a cocktail party or at a conference, you may want to tell your story differently. Have a few versions prepared so that you can confidently share them in any situation.
  • Advise how you can be helpful and how you can be helped. As we previously determined in the article 4 Ways to Efficiently Connect in Business, most people who you’ll meet may be willing to help you and make connections but they won’t know who may help your career.

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If you’re open to share your expertise, be specific and explain what you have to offer. Being open about it and communicating clearly, you increase your chances of making meaningful connections.

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