It’s true. 

About 5-10x per week I get asked: HOW DO I CREATE CLIENTS?

This is because 3/4 of my clients are entrepreneurs and business owners, and many are within their first 1-5 years of business.

They’re navigating a lot of new, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of mixed signals when it comes to how to easily & effortlessly create consistent income & client months.

As I’ve navigated my first 6-figures in my first year of business, I’ve learned and experienced something very freakin’ powerful (with credits to my coach).

Which is why I know the question: How can I create clients— isn’t the right question to ask.

Asking ‘How’ implies that a simple strategy is going to bring in results. And that’s simply not true — there are tons of strategies that work and they depend on the person, personality and a host of other factors.

What you need to be looking at FIRST is YOU.

YOU are the VIP. You are the single most important factor in your business, and the biggest source or blocker of hitting your income & client targets each month.

In order to assess where you are and dig deeper into what’s going on with YOU, before you jump into the HOW and strategy, I’ve created a Mini Audit for you here.

Please answer honestly:

  • Are you CONVICTED and IN LOVE with what you offer?
  • Do you joyfully charge the best prices for your services?
  • Does your conviction pour out of you when you’re networking, marketing, and promoting what you do?
  • Do you believe in yourself and your capabilities?
  • Do you have a great relationship with money, wealth and abundance?
  • Are you ON FIRE every time to speak to a prospective client?
  • Do you quickly bounce back from a “no” or multiple “nos” and power on?
  • Is your HEART in your business?

If you answered NO to any questions in the mini audit, or feel yourself wobbling, then there are immediate areas that are likely blocking you from the income and clients you seek.

Why is this true?

Because NO STRATEGY can infiltrate you not easily bouncing back from a “no” or several “nos”. You lose time, momentum, belief and energy. Your strategy goes out the window.

Because NO STRATEGY can speak with conviction, love and dedication as you market & promote yourself to the world. They will only hear unease, uncertainty and lack of self belief — and go off looking for YOU in another person.

What can you do about it?

The average earnings my clients seek to create is between $3-10k each month.

By not hitting these targets, they’d be LOSING $12k-40k+ by the end of 2018.

Could you afford to lose that kind of income? I know the answer is NO!

So, if you’d like to move quicker to create the awareness you need to break past YOURSELF and into a thriving business you love — find someone like a coach or a mentor who can support you.

If you’re willing to change, then the degree you change will be the degree you call in clients & income. It’s really the only strategy you need.


  • Tracey Livingston

    ICF Coach and Trainer

    My vision is to support 1 million people evolve in their consciousness and live out their soul’s purpose.

    To do this, my mission is to become a house-hold name in the coaching & training fields by creating transformative spaces and experiences that ignite deep self-exploration, inner growth and lasting change.

    My intention behind every action, thought and feeling I have, is to support people like you to realize and then act on their highest potential.

    What I value most is growth, joy, love, freedom and laughter.

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