Whatever you want to achieve, your enemy is yourself. You know it.

Pursuing dreams without the struggle to beat your enemy is useless. You won’t reach it.

If instead you struggle to fight the enemy and improve daily. You will have a better chance achieving your dreams.

Look at your list of goals now. Have you achieved any of those?

The thing that holds one dream is the same thing that holds the rest. It’s something deeper. It’s rooted within you.

It might be your character, your work habit, your lack of attention, hard work, persistence, efficiency, processes, or something else. The point is, you know what you’re lacking at, you also know you have to fight it. So, fight it.

Instead of fantasizing on your dreams. Wake up! Invite your enemy to your house. Get ready. Struggle to fight it.

Win over your own weaknesses. Every day.

Confront yourself. Every day.

“I lack discipline and focus.” Make strategies and take actions to improve tomorrow. “I made good plans but rarely follow through.” Then do something now. “I constantly compare and finding myself slightly better than others.” You know it’s a bad habit. Stop it.

The most important thing is whether you are willing to engage in moral struggle against yourself.

Inner triumphs build self-respect. It’s earned by being better than you used to be. When you earned that self-respect, you’re ready for whatever life throws at you. You will have the character to achieve whatever you want.

Stop dreaming. Start struggling.

Originally published at rowi.blog