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The outbreak of the pandemic caused upheaval in everyone’s lives. Every sector, whether it is airlines, education, business, suffering because of the malignant COVID-19. Loss of money, job, people’s power, is increasing day by day, giving rise to problems like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Although it is difficult to survive this year, it does not mean that we cannot survive. Changing your perception and inclination towards optimistic ideas will not only help you survive but will also bring contentment.

Once you know that constant worry is not the solution, but an invitation to more problems, then you will be able to turn your life in a better direction.

The most common rising problem during a pandemic is the loss of employment and healthy mental balance to perform everyday tasks. But you have to realise, losing a job is not an end.

If you are among those who have recently been fired from your job, and now see your future as nothing but a dark cloud, then stop.

Stop your thoughts here and don’t jump into the worst-case scenario. Nobody knows how long the pandemic lasts and how long we have to live under the dome of protected gear. Nothing is certain — not yet. So, you do not even know how long you have been unemployed. Maybe the pandemic ended in a month or two and you would return to your office with the old colleagues. Anything is possible.

Things To Do To Stay Calm

(1) Optimism is the key

The most common, yet the most powerful. Being optimistic means not only telling yourself, “everything will be all right”; But also believing it. Even when everything will not go well, your optimistic nature helps you to be strong in adverse situations and to deal with the problems that come your way.
When you feel that your mind is moving towards the negative lane, stop it there and turn it into positive thinking. Positive thoughts will not start coming immediately, but by practice slowly your thoughts will start turning into positive ones. As it is said, it will not happen in a day, but it will happen one day.

(2) Relaxation erases worry

Relaxation is the path to achieve serenity. Now here, when I say rest, it does not mean you have to sit with your eyes closed for hours. But you can relax in different ways. Like you can play with children, their fulminated energy will calm your mind and help you think afresh. You can involve yourself in leisure activities, such as watching classic movies, which will help you find innovative solutions, reading, gardening and more.

(3) A step towards the unachieved dream

This is a good time to spend time with yourself and pick up the work you always wanted to do. Whether you want to write a book, be a singer, counsellor, teacher, whatever. You can share your skills online with thousands of people. Maybe you become the next sensation.

If you are panicking about wealth, remember that as long as your mind is working, and it has creative ideas, you will never be worthless or homeless.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Victor Hugo


Seeing the negative in every situation is the basis of mental imbalance. All worries or stresses stem from your single negative thought. So why not replace it with a good one?
Remember, you are the driver of your life and your brain is the steering wheel. It can move in any direction you want. And it depends on you whether you turn it in the bright side of your life or the dark side.