This may come as a shock to you, but if you are holding back from creating that dream business because you don’t have every single detail figured out yet, or if you’re waiting for the “right time” to create your first website then you, my friend, are setting yourself up for disappointment right off the bat.

As the owner of a six figure wedding photography business who took the leap into entrepreneurship during college with no roadmap & no idea how to begin, I can assure you that there is NEVER going to be a magical time where everything aligns and you feel 100% ready to do this thing.

The truth is, your mind will always keep on finding reasons why you shouldn’t start today – that is simply how us humans are wired. Our minds want to protect us from getting hurt so the ego will swoop in with “wait! You’re not ready yet!” or “wait! What if these 12 things go wrong?”  

We all have these limiting beliefs at one point or another, but they are simply just that…beliefs that are limiting us, beliefs that are holding us back from going after what we want in life!

This is why one of the main mindset hacks I teach to my photography students in my business course is to stop thinking about the “how” & just start DOING. I encourage my students to let go of the fear of failure along with this destructive idea that everything has to be perfect. Instead, you should EMBRACE taking messy action and embrace messing up over and over again.. because it will happen. 

And guess what? Anytime that I “messed up” in my business, I found myself taking massive leaps forward shortly afterwards because it taught me what doesn’t work, which set the stage for what I should be doing instead.

Think of building a business as playing a video game. Each time you reach a new level, there will be new challenges and uncharted territory that you have to navigate through in order to reach your end goal. There will be some easy times where it feels like a breeze and there will also be some difficult times when you don’t know how to get to the next level and you’re left to test new things out, maybe restart or pivot a bit. As you keep pushing forward with that end goal in mind, you will gain all of this experience & knowledge on strengthening your business & eventually you will unlock the key that will propel you into that next level. 

Now, on the contrary.. think about what would happen if you just stood there as the player in the video game and you didn’t take any action. You simply just thought about preparing a strategy and stayed in your head compiling a list of all the things that might go wrong without actually knowing what lies ahead. In the game, you would be wasting your time and you would be delaying your success by allowing your limiting beliefs to paralyze you. 

I want to encourage you today to begin thinking of entrepreneurship this way and to have fun along the journey while also having the understanding that it’s okay to make mistakes, to go at your own pace, and to try new things! No one is expecting you to nail your launch in one day or have fifty clients book by tomorrow.

Perfectionism is just fear in disguise so don’t let it hold you back any longer! If you have a vision or a dream for yourself, don’t let another day go by without taking at least one small step towards that goal. 

Believe in yourself enough to know that you can take on any challenge that life and business throws at you. You’ll never feel 100% ready, but you’ll be damn proud of yourself when you show up consistently & see all that you are capable of achieving. Welcome to level one.. it’s time to make some moves!