You have brilliant ideas, but the biggest obstacle you’re facing in reaching success with your ideas is fear. Life is a journey, and you will experience fear many times along the way. From the fears of inadequacy and uncertainty, to the fears of failure and being judged, I can promise that you have experienced fear at some point in your lifetime. But what if your search to eliminate fear is a waste of time? What if the possibility of becoming completely fearless is a myth? And what if fear is actually a necessary part of life?

So what should you look for instead of fearlessness? The answer is passion, because bravery is obtainable when you grab hold of passion — the internal drive to succeed and the only way to repeatedly fight fear.

I’m not a fan of formulas, because one-size-fits-all advice typically doesn’t work, but this formula is the exception: great idea + action + passion = bravery. Now, this isn’t a formula to help you make better decisions — my book covers that. Nor is it a way to overcome fear forever, because fear comes and goes. But it is a formula that brings you back to the source of fighting your fears, which is passion. You need action to create momentum and you need passion to stick with your ideas long enough to find success with them.

You don’t have to play it safe any longer. It’s time to take the first step. Until you discover that you need bravery before you need anything else, you will live your life lost. When you find bravery, you find life.

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