You may pray to a god, angel or universe or any other entity and usually a prayer is like this: “Please ………. give me……….. .” and you never receive what you prayed for. Why?

Because you already affirmed and acknowledge that what you want don’t exist, so if it doesn’t exist how can you get it? Plus no entity can give you something, whether that’s a job, money, a partner or a feeling. Gods and angels don’t exist the way you think.

You are here on Earth to learn how to use your own power and to stop considering yourself the lowest being or spirit in the universe that need permanent help from a different entity.

Here is how YOU can manifest what you want.

Your heart has 40.000 neurons and 60 times greater electromagnetic field than your brain. If the brain is for thinking, then the heart is for feeling and we already know that everything around us is energy.

Your heart have bigger energy than your brain, so don’t think of what you want like you do in a prayer using your brain, FEEL what you want with your heart. Feel how it is to have that, feel it in your heart and feel it in your body and you will have it.

First published on Ally Fortis Blog