I was recently at an event listening to a friend speak when she said the words that I so often have thought to myself in the last few years since embarking out on my entrepreneurial journey. The phrase she exclaimed quite passionately in her Greek accent was: “stop putting yourself in a box! THERE IS NO BOX!!” To which I exclaimed “exactly!” 

Who invented that phrase anyway? Probably someone who wanted to limit the beliefs of the people surrounding him (I’m assuming it’s a him, sorry not sorry guys) or the people working for him. To make them feel like they were less than the boss. An intimidation tactic we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives I’m sure. I’ve worked for people who lead by intimidation. It’s not fun. 

Here’s the thing: every one of us on this earth is capable of something special. We just have to believe it within ourselves. We have to be able to look in the mirror or close our eyes and envision the life we want to have. Then we have to go get it. Easier said than done, of course, but not impossible. 

Finding the strength to allow yourself to think outside of your box comes through life experience. For me it was when I was in the job that was no longer serving me. I had the mindset that I was only good enough to do the job I was doing and I had resigned myself to my fate. Corporate worker bee for life. Until, I realized through having to deal with some pretty deep feelings, that I always have a choice when it comes to my fate. That I am the driver of my bus, and I get to stop and start when I want, not when someone else tells me. 

Coming to that realization ultimately led to my leaving my corporate life behind, a decision I do not regret for one millisecond. The realization that I am not confined to a box helped me find my passion. It helped me start my business. It has allowed me to open up in ways I was hesitant about before. To share my vulnerability and connect on a deeper level with my clients and my personal network. It freed me in more ways than I can possibly describe. 

You are not meant to be put in a box. You are meant to share your gifts with the world. You are a force to be reckoned with – you simply have to believe it. 

There is no box. 


  • Krista Rizzo

    Life Coach - Author - TEDx Speaker - Change Maker


    Krista Rizzo is a former corporate worker bee who dreamed of a better life for herself. It wasn't until she was forced to face change that she took the leap and never looked back! Now, as a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Blogger and Creator of the #WhyAmIYelling? brand, Krista is on a mission to help others fall in love with change the way she did. Through coaching, speaking and her writing, she's inspiring and helping others to create the lives of their dreams! Her first book #WhyAmIYelling? Because...Relationships! is out now! Connect with her on social media for daily inspiration and tips on how to live your best life!