Are you speaking your truth in your life and business?

Or are you trying to fit the mould and doing what you think you should do?

It can be so easy in our lives and businesses to just follow what everyone else is doing. So often we try to fit ourselves into boxes that really aren’t made for us!

We end up feeling resentful and like something is missing. Yet we can’t quite pinpoint what it is.

I felt like this for the longest time in my business, as I was following different strategies and desperately trying to implement things that were working for everyone else.

On top of that, I never said ‘no’. I would smile sweetly even when I wanted to scream: ‘No I can’t do it’ at the top of my lungs!

And so I attracted a lot of family drama and more lessons in my life and business, to teach me to set boundaries and get out of all the boxes that I was putting myself into.

It’s not easy, at first. You have those butterflies and can feel sick to your stomach the first few times you lovingly assert yourself.

BUT it pays off! After a few times of saying ‘no’ to others and yes to yourself it starts to FEEL GOOD. You are finally putting your needs, wants and desires before those of others.

You can also start saying what you think. N.B. If you want to and it feels good for you.

If you absolutely cannot say anything or all that you want, for fear of creating world war 3! (As can often be the case with mother-in-law etc!!).

A great tip is to have a loving conversation in your head with the person, where you say all those things you need to say but could never say. Then at the end you give them a warm hug. And surround them and you with healing blue light.

You’ll find the energy around the situation releases and they’ll know what you said without you having to say it. And you can get clear on how you want things to be moving forwards.

You can then communicate with them from that energy (when you’ve decided what you want), in real life and assert yourself in a loving way that’s just right for you.

You are being true to who you are and allowing yourself to go after what you want just because you want it.

And that is perfectly okay! In fact, it’s necessary. When you put yourself first, your energy increases and you then have more to give to those around you. Your loved ones, clients and friends will all get more of the best of you. And you will get more of the best of you too.

When we take that pressure off ourselves to be all things to all people and to do it all alone. That’s when things totally transform. And before you know it you are enjoying life again and moving faster towards your goals.

And soon it feels like nothing is missing.

You are listening to yourself.

You are being true to yourself.

You’re doing things your way in your life and business.

It’s all on your terms.

And that is so incredibly freeing. I cannot even begin to tell you.

When you finally let go of all the pressure your put on yourself to conform and to fit into those boxes that blatantly were not made for you!

Here’s to your continued success and to making your own boxes!

Love Claire xxx

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