As each year passes I find myself rushing less and less out the door.  Instead I allow for time to fill my morning with the right things that fuel me for a successful day. Not only does this set me up to be full of creative energy, it also gives me time to have a morning relationship with my family and most importantly myself. 10 ways to fuel your morning right.

1. Stop rushing. If you’re already feeling late, chances are it will throw the majority of your day off track. 

2. Decide how much time you want to give yourself each morning to casually ease into your day. This might mean going to bed a little earlier so you get the right amount of sleep to wake up earlier.

3. Don’t waste time trying to make last minute decisions in the morning. If you’re an indecisive person, admit it now and plan accordingly. 

4. Know what makes you happy. Front load your morning with all the things that make you feel happy, relaxed, and accomplished. If you need to, make a list of all these things and stick to them. 

5. Planning and organization are skills that anyone can take on.  But remember in order to use them to their fullest potential, they must be exercised each day. Plan your week. Try using a big dry erase calendar to keep track of your days. Stay organized by keeping a clean house (okay somewhat clean), this way you know just where things are. 

6. Wake up with your spouse before the kids wake up. Have coffee together before ‘getting ready for work’ begins. Take time to talk. It might be a good time to get on the same page together for the start of the week. This can help reduce the miscommunications which create hiccups throughout your week. If you’re already organized and have the week planned together, then maybe take some time to daydream about an upcoming event or vacation. 

7. Have a sit down breakfast with your family. It doesn’t have to be a full on cooked meal. But take time to eat some fresh fruit and grains to keep you feeling good. Talk to your children while at the table about their day. They don’t have jobs, but they still have teachers holding them accountable for work. Make sure you help them feel like they are set up for a successful day. 

8. Do you have a hobby or passion that can be applied in a short time? How about music? Play an instrument. Even 10 minutes will not only give improvement but it also adds a creative spark to your day. If it’s not music, maybe it’s being in nature? Getting fresh air can really wake up all your senses and make you feel more focused and alert. 

9. Water! I can’t stress this one enough. Think of how a plant feels when you pour that first cup of water into its soil. It absorbs deep down into its roots making all the soil around look rich and fresh. Not long after, the green leaves look stronger, and less wilted. Be that plant. Grow towards the sunlight and stay hydrated. 

10. Exercise physically and mentally. This could also be done in a short time. It might be as simple as walking your dog for 10 minutes. Walking will not only get your blood flowing, but the fresh air will spark all your senses to become more alert for the day. Meditation is also something that can be accomplished in a short time. Doing this each day will help keep a clear mind and get you feeling centered. Life is all about balance. If you can find a good balance between physical and mental exercise or what I like to call stimulation, you will grow in ways you might have thought were once impossible.