Snoring may sound like just a minor annoyance to many, but for some it often means many restless and sleepless nights, whether you are the person snoring or the person trying to sleep beside him or her. It can range from mild to severe and can have other physical and psychological ramifications if left unresolved.

Sleep deprivation for the snorer and those subjected to it has a significant effect on how one functions during the day time as well, causing irritability, lack of focus, drowsiness and even decreased libido and a severely impaired lifestyle when the snoring is severe. There have been studies done which strongly suggest a correlation between loud snoring and heart attacks, strokes, carotid artery atherosclerosis and risk of brain damage.

Snoring is the result of interruption or obstruction of air flow during breathing while asleep which causes vibration of the uvula and soft palate. There are a number of things that could cause snoring including obesity, muscle relaxants such as alcohol, medical conditions, aging, allergies etc. which can be determined in sleep studies on the individual.

There are a number of best earplugs for sleeping available to the person suffering from mild to moderate snoring depending on the source of the problem.

One of the causes of snoring is a mispositioned jaw and there are a number of devices available to support the jaw and keep the mouth closed while you sleep called chin strap or jaw supporters. The chin cushion sits under the chin and supports the jaw, and the chin-up-strip is disposable tape which fits under the mouth, encouraging the snorer to keep the mouth closed. The Mandibular Advancement Device holds the jaw in place during the night preventing the tongue from lifting off the floor of the mouth and blocking the airway.

Another possible cause of snoring is obstruction of the nasal passageway and there is a line of products of nasal devices to keep your passageway open, encouraging you to breath through the nose. Nasal strips fit over the bridge of the nose, pulling the nasal passage outwards, helping keep it open. A nasal brace is a device inserted into the nasal passage holding it open. Nose clips attach to the nasal septum in theory exerting pressure on the trigeminal nerve forcing the nasal passage to dilate.

Stop snoring aids come in many other types as well. There are oral medications you can take which reduce swelling and congestion around the airways making it easier to breath. CPAP machines, used for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, provide the snorers with a continual airflow source helping maintain an open airway. Snoring sprays include a range of sprays which are sprayed into the mouth, the purpose being to lubricate and tighten the throat muscles.

Sleeping on the back encourages the tongue to slip back into the throat, creating blockage resulting in snoring. Products called Sleep Posture Correction Devices keep you lying on your side and prevent you from rolling onto your back. The Bio Feedback Watch delivers a small pulse to your wrist when you begin to snore, encouraging you to change positions. You could also try purchasing a good quality pillow. It is always helpful in correct positioning and comfort.

Some believe that you can cure snoring with hypnosis, but in spite of what some believe as mind control, the idea behind hypnosis is the retraining of the subconscious mind to respond to certain stimuli.

Whatever works is well worth the time, effort and money put into stop snoring aids. It can significantly improve your quality of sleep, quality of life, save your relationship and may even save your life.