“Consider that there is no right way or wrong way in anything that we do, it is just one way. And there is always another way.

When we stop trying to do it the right way, the ego goes away and we get into a space of “not knowing”.

And this space of “not knowing” is scary. It creates doubt and anxiety.

Yet dropping what we know will give access to being present, to freedom, to courage and possibilities.

From his “40 Days to Personal Revolution” book, Baron Baptiste says this:

“We need to cast out our self doubt. When we really let go, suddenly we open up and there is space for new energy and insight; we go from myopic mind to big mind. Giving up our need to know and to be right creates the space for life to unfold. “Not-knowing” breaks us out of our old paradigms, our need to control and think our way through everything. There is such wisdom and healing power in not knowing. The paradox is that if we are really willing to not-know, we will. If you are in the now, you will always know how. You don’t need to be an expert to understand this process. It’s not intellectual, it’s spiritual.”

Even if you think you know the answer, the outcome or the ending…… Drop what you know.

You may be in the right and the other person is definitely wrong. You can choose to

a) Do nothing and let it go


b) Fight, argue, make a stand

There is another way…..

If you are willing!

c) Give up the need to be right, with every human interaction.

Giving up the need to be right in every human interaction and being in a space of “I don’t know” will open up a new way of listening and being with people.

The people or situation may or may not change. But you would have challenged yourself to change the way you respond – that’s where your power is.

“Being in a space of “I don’t know” and giving up the need to be right will open up a new way of listening and being with people.

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