When we are coming from a mindset of “ I must fix’ we are simply not coming from a place of love or good intention. When we believe that we need to fix another person we are instantly only looking at what we perceived are their wrongs or negatives and totally denying their positive attributes.

First of all… You can not fix anyone other than yourself it’s an inside job, not an outside job. 

Secondly… Nobody is broken and needs to be fixed ( not even yourself) 

We are all whole, yes we can improve and make some strengths stronger and make some weaknesses less weak but we are whole from start to finish. 

What I have seen to be true after mentoring thousands of people worldwide is that you never need to fix someone else, if you work on your perception of the person and you work at shifting that, the other person shifts by osmosis.

You see, small suttle shifts in ourselves cause a beautiful ripple effect out to all those close to us. When we start seeing the goodness in you than you are finally able to see it in those people around us. 

If you want to fix someone, start with yourself first and what you will find is they will be nothing external to fix after that.