‘Stop trying to manage time’ – this sounds so counter-productive, but trust me, it isn’t.

You can read all the time management books, ask successful people about their time management tips, try to copy how someone else works, etc.but if you don’t focus on the right thing, you won’t be able to achieve what you want.

You may ask, ‘if I don’t manage my time, what then should I do?’

Manage your energy instead.

What does it mean?

Haven’t you realised that you can be privileged to have enough time to spend on something but may not actually get much done?

Managing your energy requires that you understand how to focus, where to focus on, and the time to focus.

This means that you know exactly when your body and mind are ready to actually get to work.

Whenever I have a lot of time on my hand to work but my body and mind are telling me another thing; then I know I can’t be productive at that moment.

This is because to be more productive, my body and mind need to align with me more than even my time availability.

Even if I don’t have enough time on my time and my body and mind are available to work, I can still squeeze out time to get some things done.

When I started doing this, I started getting more things done even with little time

Stop managing your time, start managing your energy.