That storm in your life…the thing that has come to discourage you, it was necessary. What comes with storms? Rain. What does rain do? It waters the earth. Those seeds you’ve been planting, needed watering. You need a downpour rain to accelerate their growth, to bear fruit.

Remember that mustard seed faith…yes, have you seen a mustard seed. It’s tiny. I know my parents and grandparents would always say…just have mustard seed faith.

Those seeds you’ve been spreading: the experience you’ve been gaining, the people you’ve helped, the great things you’ve done…those seeds…are getting watered in the storm.

You are more than a conqueror and you’ve already won. Claim it. Believe it. That is called faith. For those that may not believe in God or faith, just believing in yourself…you will attract those things you believe. It’s called the law of attraction. Believe it, believe…in you.

Don’t focus your time on the ‘what if’ but when. So you’re ready to reap the harvest of those seeds being watered…in the storm.

Don’t forget, flowers bloom after the rain. Rainbows show up. The earth is cleansed. Trust the outcome after the storm.