I am a Life Coach and i am fortunate that my clients trust me with their deep personal stories. There are times they feel sheepish when sharing their vulnerability and I had one of them saying, “is it only me who is going through all of this?” the one thing that I told her was, “look you are unique and not special.” What this really means is my friend, that you are not alone. Yes, we all are human beings having an experience on this amazing planet and are made of the same pixie dust isn’t it? Then what makes us even think that other humans are devoid of feeling the same shit as ours. What makes us bash ourselves for feeling this and that. Yes, all the emotions are a paradigm of human existence, we all feel angry, sad, happy, joyous, amazing, wonderful, irritable, frustrated and yes, fearful. Then what makes us sit up and ask “why me?”

What I have realized is that vulnerability has little place in society. What it does to our collective psyche is create a feeling of isolation and of being lonely. All the time, we wear masks of thousand shades, and prance about hiding under layers and layers of what we truly want to express. No wonder, when someone shares their intimate personal story that may have been hiding for ages, there are many me too’s. What an amazing place it would be if we could actually meet, see and hear each other truly.

I realized this when I was feeling particularly vulnerable and confused with how I was feeling. And I did not have the courage to talk to anyone for the fear of their judgments. However, I did talk about it, and realized that I was not alone when they said “me too”. That I was not alone gave me solace and comfort making me less critical of myself. As a human the largest gift that we can give a fellow human is hold a safe space and our presence. Aren’t we anyways walking each other home?

No doubt, we all have our own paths and our own way of looking at our personal stories, and what lifts off the burden is the courage to share it. You know it is also the stories that we tell ourselves that make us and our lives and creates subconscious operating patterns for us. Some stories serve us and some keeps us in a negative loop and a whirlpool disallowing us to let go or forgive ourselves and/or others. What happens when we expose the mental movies and own up is that we tend to create a shift within us that allows for a perspective change, be more gentle with ourselves and know that we are not alone. And you know another very powerful shift that occurs sometimes is, that we change our stories and rewrite our experiences and future.

I read somewhere and it fascinates me to no end. Are we the creator of the stories OR is it that our stories are creating us?