Narendra belonged to a family of lower middle class where having two meals a day was a great deal and took a lot of sincere efforts. Fortunately, he got a job in Food India Corporation (made up name) in Noida. This job earned him the respect that he always deserved and made him stable to live a healthy and happy life. He had his family of a wife and seven children – 2 girls and 5 boys.

Once, in the month of rainy season he was assigned to take the good care of the wheat and to protect them from getting spoiled in the rain. He was doing it all good. One day he received a letter from his uncle that his mother, who used to live in a nearby village, is not well and she was in her last days. Narendra rushed to meet his mother and handed over his responsibilities and assigned his ongoing tasks to one of his colleagues. When he reached his village, he had already lost his mother. That was the time of complete sorrow for him. Distressed he was, but the misery didn’t stop there. He got the news that he had been suspended from his job of FIC and had been alleged with a charge of several amount which was a big one then. Unaware he was, as he reached to his office to know the reason of his suspension, he was told that the wheat got destroyed in the rain storm last week when he was not even there. He tried to convince the officials that he had gone to his mother’s funeral and he already handed his job to somebody else officially. But they didn’t listen to any of his words and he was handed the suspension letter.

During that time, four of the children were in their teen age while the others were even younger when he faced the most abrupt turn in his life. He stopped receiving any salary and went in complete poverty. But, he was a fighter blood and couldn’t just sit there to cry on his fate. He dragged this case to the district court where every lawyer refused to take his case as this was against one of the biggest government offices.

In such a scenario, anyone would just lose hope, step down and would go into deep trauma but as I said before, he was a warrior. He decided to fight his case by himself. He took his case to the high court where he himself used to prepare for the hearings and used to fight in the courtroom. He went through a real struggle where he left his family back in his hometown Agra and himself traveled all the way from Agra to Allahabad for this case. The condition was such that he suffered from having a single chapati the whole day. But nothing could let his confidence down when he himself knew that he was right. By this time, he had reached his age of retirement. And his pension didn’t start as he was still a suspended officer.

He continued his fight and by God’s grace and his dedicated efforts, after a long period of 18 years, he could finally prove his point and won the battle. After which, he was given whole amount of his salary that was retained for years and his pension also got started.

Takeaway: if you believe you are right, continue fighting for yourself even when all the circumstances stand against you. One day, you will definitely watch the sun rising in your favor.