Jeremy Finlay

Most companies put their messages on broadcast, hoping to spread a wide net to draw in a customer or client. This doesn’t do anybody any favors. In a world where COVID-19 has added more stress in our lives, changed our daily structures, and impacted everyone from child to adult—it’s easy to ignore these messages. They simply don’t relate to their lives.

What if you could speak to those who needed to hear from you, without chasing them away? What if instead of sending out a message about how great you are, you focused on the problems your customers struggle with on a regular basis? What if you could help them see that you’ve got solutions that can help?

Storytelling is a great avenue to help people relate to your message. It’s a means to help people connect, to see themselves in the circumstance you’re speaking to, and understanding you can help. By using new methods of reaching out, the Salesumentary is a tool that allows you to speak directly to those who need to hear from you while showcasing why your company is the one that they’ve been hoping to find.

Jeremy Finlay

A Salesumentary combines documentary-style storytelling in a manner that brings you closer to your client, showing them why you do what you do, how you do it, and how it can help them. When they see and hear these smart resourceful videos, you’ve touched them in a way a simple broadcast ad can’t. And the best part is they realize there’s a solution to their problem.

Jeremy Finlay helps businesses grow and capitalize on their revenue while building authority in their industry as well as prestige. Isn’t there enough noise in the world? It’s time to leave the old methods of marketing in the dust. Like a diamond in the rough, we recognize your ability to shine and help you capture the attention of those who are looking for you.

Storytelling is the best way to get your message across to those who need it. Outbound marketing or sending out general broadcasts simply adds to the noise and aren’t doing the job. Today’s consumer is tired of the garbage, tired of the non-stop demand for their attention. Why not give them something helpful—something that makes a difference in their lives?

Timeless lead generation doesn’t have to be a myth. In fact, it all comes down to smarter information delivered in a way that can impact the consumer. Finally, they have the solution they’ve been looking for—somebody understood their pain and can help.