Importance of Story Telling:

The world is full of beautiful people and places. We all live in a world were the stories plays the most important role without asking for its importance.

We all are story tellers either we know it or not but story telling begins in us as soon as we are born.

“The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind.”
― Vera Nazarian

When we are a new-born. We act in a way to make others understand, what we need and we are looking for in our own ways.

As we start to learn our language and began talking to people around us. Starting from that point, our story telling begins.

We share stories with our friends and families. Our mentors tells us their stories and the process continues.

Friends are our best companions always. We just love to share stories with them!!

Our stories make them laugh sometime they cries and the process continues…!!!!


We human being carry a lot of emotion and stories are the one which influence our mood and behavior.

Some of the greatest leaders are those who are the best story tellers.

For example Mahatma Gandhi , Abraham Lincon, Adolf Hitler they all are the most influential people witnessed by Earth.

Now a days people like Steve Jobs , Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Gates they are on the point where no one can replace them and they are the greatest leader of this era.

So, what’s common in them???

All are great storytellers.

And they know how to influence people around them and people who are far away from them. They narrate stories and we listen to them.

Difference between good storytelling and great storytelling.

Good storytelling is something like most of us do isn’t it??

Good stories are something which makes us bound to think about it.

& Great storytelling is something that will take us from thinking to feeling it.

We all human beings are selfish for one heck thing and that is connection. Connections is the fundamental of storytelling .

We always look for people and stories with whom we can connect and share our emotions. Like someone with whom we can share our thoughts. And the best part we need them to react on the stories which we place in front of them.

We want people around us to smile, laugh, cry on our stories and vice-versa. The more people react on our stories the more we get close to them!!

Now-a-days people are all over the internet and social media and constantly scrolling new feeds and looking for stories of other people. Everyday we almost see more than hundreds of stories and we enjoy them.

More Than 65 Billion messages are sent over whatsapp and facebook.

Just imagine how many stories are floating around you.

We people are scrolling all day and looking for the stories which has been created by other people.

Now-a-days, Social Media platforms like Facebook, instagram , snapchat , youtube etc. all are giving us platforms to share our stories and tell the world what we are and what we do.

Standouts on this list include:

  • Lilly Singh, the 28-year-old Canadian phenom who’s parlayed YouTube sketches into mainstream fame with a #1 New York Times bestseller to boot.
  • Brain Kelly, the frequent flyer who turned his ‘The Points Guy’ blog into a bona fide media empire with a staff of 20.
  • Mark Fischbach , who – as his online alter ego Markiplier – has gone from gaming commentator to rising crossover star, represented by Hollywood agencies William Morris Endeavor and Brillstein.
  • Daniel Middleton, has nearly 17 million followers, a world tour that included four sold-out nights at the Sydney Opera House and over 11 billion views on YouTube.Gamer DanTDM, as he is known to his fans, ranks as the world’s highest-paid YouTube star of 2017 with $16.5 million—the highest cume of any YouTube star since Forbes started keeping track in 2015.

They all are social media star and have got their names in Forbes list. What does more you want??

They are earning in 6 figures in dollar what on earth you want??

This is the power of story telling and how it can influence us.

Last day, I was speaking to one of my clients and she asked me how do you write contents Chandan??

From where did you get the Ideas about what should be the story of a Product.

She was over Skype call with me and I answered her : Bella “it’s the people who have create the product and how much blood, sweat and time they have invested in to create a great product.”

It’s always the people who create stories without even noticing it.

We all go out and watch movies right?


Can you define movies??

Let me tell you my version: Movie are imaginations of someone, who knows how to portray the thoughts in a screen.

We buy tickets spend our hard-earned money to watch stories. Since childhood we are into love with stories and communications.

No-one and I mean it, no-one can say that he or she don’t like the concept of stories of story telling whether he is someone like Hitler itself. We all love stories that makes us laugh, Inspires us, makes us cry or anything to create any sort of behavioral change in us!!!!

How can we use story telling in our daily life to boost our productivity.

Jeremy Hsu found:

“Personal stories and gossip make up 65% of our conversations.”

Turn your Stories into inspiring speeches.

Now-a-days it’s so easy to become great right??

Don’t think so?

Here is why, we are living in an edge of technology and no one likes to do hard work. Most of us likes to hit to couch and watch t.v. or stuffs like that but only 0.5% of the population have got the spirit of not giving up and stay focused till the job is done.

For example, people like Elon Musk , Jeff Bezos , Jack Ma etc is those among 0.5% population who dreamed of something and finally we all know where they stand.

They all need motivational speeches right? Everyone of us needs it ?

Be the one who can narrate a story in an inspiring manner. Help other and yourself to make your dreams a reality.

Use Story Telling in your Workplace to influence people.

When we talk about the best company in the world. The most common fact they have is they all are exceptional storytellers. Everyone tells stories—that’s how we build community and share ideas.

Our clients love to hear stories as much as we do. In this world of tech savvy generation, we are lacking on the beautiful human feeling and that’s what we look forward to everyone.

Suppose: You have got two clients, one is always into work like a robot and lack human touch and feeling and the other one is best at his work too along with that he/she shares their story and loves to discover more of you, how you are in personal and how stuffs work out in your zone. This will make you more comfortable and help you to retain a long-term connection with your client.

With whom you will work???

And yes, that’s it.

You are correct, everyone wants the same feedback. So, go out and do it.

Simplicity is the key.

I am in love with this picture.

How beautifully a story of love and innocence is being shared between this kids.

The simple your story telling is the easier it for others to understand you and your work. If you are reading this line them, then somewhere in your heart you like the way I write and share stories of products or any other stuffs which I have learned in my life.

Make it simple and people will fall in love with you.

After all if you are stopping anyone from scrolling their feeds on social media for your punch lines them you have got it man !!!

Keep doing it and you can be a micro-influencer in our surrounding.


Stories have got everything that you need to reach your dreams and your goal.

After all success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Just by knowing the importance of storytelling in your own way. Who knows where they can take you.

Love the work you do and keep inspiring others.



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