We all have ever failed our stove, oven or heater, and it has been at the worst possible time. It makes us very uncomfortable, because it is usually a repair to be carried out urgently and we do not know a professional or technical service in which we have immediate confidence. If you feel identified with this situation, we recommend you read this.

For the stove repair, as well as for the rest of the services of our platform, at Capital appliance repair we always give the same advice. If you already have a trusted company or professional that you have used before, and it is available, perfect.

Technicians and professionals specializing in the repair of stoves

Although these appliances seem very similar, in reality there are many types and brands. The first thing you have to do is explain very well to the professional which team it is.

Most common types of stoves:

  • Residential or Professional, Commercial or Industrial
  • Recessed, floor, etc.
  • Gas, electric or induction stoves

Most common types of ovens and grills:

  • Gas or electric ovens
  • Residential, commercial, industrial
  • Industrial, bakery, pizza, pastry ovens
  • Conventional, convention, rotary ovens
  • Gas griddles
  • Electric irons

Most common types of heaters:

  • Gas, electric, flow heaters, etc.
  • Gas boiler
  • Step boiler

When you describe your equipment to the professional, one of the first things they will ask you about is the brand. Not all teams are the same and not all professionals are specialized in all brands. In addition, the spare parts are usually more or less difficult to find according to the brands, so this part is very important to avoid unnecessary travel of the professional. The most common brands are: Mabe, Iem, Dacor, Maxim, Thermatick, Continental, Teka, Whirpool, Coriat, Acros, GE, Frigidaire, Koblenz, Bosch, Kitchen Aid Magic Chef, Maytag, etc.

Although there are universal parts, the professional’s recommendation is usually to repair with original parts. The cost is higher, but the guarantee that it will work correctly is much higher.

Luckily, we are in a new technological era, and with Capital appliance repair you only have to describe your problem once with your cell phone. This service will be sent to all available professionals and in a few minutes you will receive quotes. In addition, all these professionals have been previously verified by the Capital appliance repair team. Likewise, each professional will have equally verified qualifications from other clients. Compare prices, read the ratings carefully and hire as soon as possible to solve your problem.