Corona virus has affected many businesses negatively globally. This has forced them to change their strategies. This includes their employees as well as their customers. Due to this, employers have had to strategize on how employees will work seamlessly from home.

Most governments have encouraged employers to let employees work from home. This will help to reduce the spread of the virus . It is important for employers to ensure that their staff work safely from home. More so, they should understand the potential safety risks of employees working remotely.

Employers must protect the health and safety of their employees while working. Nevertheless, employees have a duty to ensure that they work in a safe environment. Here are some tips for employers;

1)   Communicate Clearly and Properly

As an employer, you need to give to your employees the proper information about the health risks involved. They should be aware of the level of risk of their exposure to the virus. They should be weary of the environment they live in. It is important to keep them informed to build their trust in your organization.               

Consequently, every communication should be up to date and frequent. You can employ various means of communication. Email, Slack, Zoom and so on, could be used. This will ensure that these messages get to the employees.

 In addition to that, you need to create feedback channels for them to communicate back. This will give them peace of mind and they’ll work seamlessly. Be sure to dedicate trusted persons in management to communicate on matters related to the virus.

To deliver critical information to your employees, get straight to the point. Make it simple, straightforward.

2)  Recommend Allocated Workspaces

Managers should encourage their staff to dedicate workspaces in their homes. This will aid them in remaining focused. Further to that, they should be provided with the necessary tools. They also need the right equipment to carry out their work.            

The workspaces should be spacious and well ventilated. They should also have enough lighting and workable power sockets. With this in place, your employees will work seamlessly. Over and above, encourage your employees to create a workspace that is free from distraction.

This will help them be focused and motivated to work. They may need to put a desk, a good chair, a computer, printer, and other equipment for working. Ensure that they have the required equipment and tools to work effectively.

Your employees should understand how to avoid injuries at their workspaces. Advise them to inspect their workspaces often. Besides this, the working area should be free from danger.

3)  Establish Clear Expectations

A change from an office set up to working from home may pose a challenge to most employees. For your employees to work seamlessly, be certain that each one of them understands what is expected of them. Setting expectations from the onset is very key.

When they know what is expected of them, they are more likely to deliver. Employees should know when they should avail themselves for work and meetings. Not only should they know who to contact in case of any problem, but also how they will communicate the information.

Managers should set clear guidelines and expectations for their teams to ensure steady work flow. They should communicate what tools they will use to measure and manage performance.

Moreover, they should also agree with their staff on the specific goals to attain for measuring performance. For them to work seamlessly managers should set reasonable targets that are attainable.

4)  Setting up a Secure Connection

As an organization, you should give high priority to a secure connection to safeguard your company’s data. Communicate clearly to your workers your company’s data security policy.

You’ve got to provide systems that will secure your company’s information. This will curb cyber infringement and bullying. Ascertain that your employees are always using a secure Wi-Fi network. A trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN) when working from home is vital.

The VPN will act as a cushion between the laptop and the Wi-Fi connection.  Any data that is transmitted will be encrypted thus protecting it from obstruction. To work seamlessly, encourage your workers to use encryption especially when they are using a wireless network. This will protect them from cyber bullies.

Correspondingly, all your company’s information should be sent using their work email above personal emails as much as possible. If they have to use their personal accounts, employees should encrypt any content or attachments.

Parting Shot

Working from home has some advantages. Workers are less stressed from the hassle of commuting. Worker productivity is also increased and they are more organized. Not to mention, they are less distracted.

Coupled with that, your company will also save on the operating costs and overheads. It is your primary duty as an employer to take care of your employees. Needless to say, they need to work seamlessly when working from home.

Formalizing the work from home agreement will go a long way in determining and managing risks.