For more than 26 years, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s women’s health program, A Woman’s Journey, has endeavored to improve your well-being through health education. Our Johns Hopkins experts have talked about hundreds of topics related to medical discoveries and advancement. Certainly, this is no time to abandon our goal even as we struggle to overcome the pandemic,eliminate health disparities,combat racism and pursue social justice.

The new year promises great strides with medical advances including continued distribution of COVID 19 vaccines. In the mean time, A Woman’s Journey is mindful of the need to continue routine health screening to address NON-COVID health issues and to remain up to date on advances in medicine.

Let’s start the New Year with one of our monthly A Womans Journey ” Conversations That Matter” webcast Strategies to Prioritize Yourself and Your Health with psychiatrist Karen Swartz. Visit to view this webcast.

After all, our own health must come first so we can help our loved ones and those in need. For more information about Johns Hopkins A Womans Journey virtual programs, podcasts and webcasts visit our website at

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