The holidays are a stressful time of the year. People are losing sleep over how much they spend during the season on expenses like gift-giving, while others are stressed over travel expenses, and even hosting their in-laws. What’s supposed to be a joyous time of year gets under the skin for most Americans — and even puts more than a quarter of Americans into debt, according to a new survey.

A survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by Yelp with OnePoll discovered that 28% of respondents said they’ve gone into debt during the holiday season due to expenses from traveling to holiday spending. That debt has an average life-span of three months, which leaves family and friends chipping away at bills through March.

The study, which took a deep-dive into spending habits, found that respondents plan to spend $972 on holiday-related costs this year, with many having to over above and beyond what they expected by overspending.

Just barely over half of the respondents (53%) said they have a budget for the holiday season, but only one-fifth said they “always” stick to it. By generations, Millennials are the most likely to have a budget, with 63% admitting they do.

As for how Americans overspend, gifts for family and friends were the most popular answer with 46% of respondents admitting that’s where they’ll crack open their wallets. Food and drinks — at home and while out — were also popular responses, according to the survey.

The stresses of the holidays

There’s no denying it — hosting a party is stressing Americans out.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said hosting a party or dinner during the holiday was the most stressful. There’s also a trend involving family and friends which stresses Americans. Forty-five percent said having friends or family stay with them, while an addition 45% said traveling to see family or friends. Twenty-nine percent going out to dinner with family or friends also peeved them.

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When it comes to hosting for the holidays, respondents said cleaning their home before they hosted dinner was not calming (41%). Others stressed not having enough time to get everything ready (38%), preparing meals (36%), and cleaning up the home before hosting (34%) were troubling.

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you’re likely to experience these stresses respondents worried about. Keeping costs down while traveling (41%) was the most popular response, followed by bringing gifts and making sure everything is packed (29%), purchasing gifts for family and friends (28%), and finding proper housing like hotels (22%).

The most stressful ways to celebrate the holidays

1. Hosting a party or dinner: 51%
2. Friends or family staying with me: 45%
3. Traveling to see family or friends: 45%
4. Going out to dinner with family or friends: 29%
5. Taking a vacation: 24%

The most stressful parts of hosting for the holidays

1. Cleaning their home before a hosted dinner: 41%
2. Having enough time to get everything ready: 38%
3. Preparing holiday meals: 36%
4. Cleaning my home after a hosted dinner: 34%
5. Preparing their home for houseguests: 34%

Most stressful parts of traveling for the holidays

1. Keeping costs down while traveling: 41%
2. Bringing gifts and packing everything: 29%
3. Purchasing gifts for family and friends: 28%
4. Cost of eating out: 25%
5. Finding hotels/lodging: 22%

How respondents relieve stress

1. Home cleaner: 28%
2. Caterer or private chef: 16%
3. Home organization: 14%
4. Holiday decorator: 12%
5. Home services professional, other than house cleaner: 10%

Secret cost of the holidays:

• Gifts for family and friends ($270.02)
• Food and drink at home ($117.19)
• Food and drink when eating out ($97.66)
• Clothes/beauty items ($71.43)
• Entertainment/things to do ($67.76)
• Childcare ($29.56)
• Decorations ($46.34)
• Christmas tree ($34.38)
• Plane tickets ($74.07)
• Hotel or vacation rental ($76.46)
• Cleaning their home ($29.85)
• Updates to the guest room ($25.22)
• Items for kitchen or dining room ($32.23)

Total = $972.17

This article was originally published on The Ladders.

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