In today’s world, stress has firmly taken its place in human life. We face him everywhere, in any situation. Scientists are discovering more and more types of stress and trying to find a cure for it.

Fitness has also taken its place in the modern world. More and more people are interested in fitness. New clubs are opening, various types of fitness are offered, anyone can keep fit by visiting sports clubs.

But few people know that fitness is a great cure for stress. Regular physical activity has a positive effect on a person’s mental state. Psychological relaxation begins during training and continues after. Therefore, even between workouts you will feel great. According to scientists, fitness increases self-esteem, and this is one of the important points in the fight against stress.

Of course, the required physical activity in all people is different. Someone needs yoga to relieve stress, someone needs a short evening jog, and someone to calm down, must pull the iron in the hall. And the most effective way to relieve stress is to beat a punching bag well. In any case, regular training is required. Then you can not only win, but also prevent stress. And scientists have already proved this after conducting several experiments, though still on animals.

It turned out that many people who do fitness, experience feelings of euphoria, both during and after exercise. Studies have shown that this is true. Intense physical activity causes a person to feel similar to those experienced by a person taking drugs such as heroin. After studying in detail the biochemical processes of the brain, scientists have concluded that in the central nervous system of man there are chemicals called opioids. They have a similar structure and properties to narcotic substances such as opium, morphine and heroin. These substances not only relieve pain, but are also responsible for human feelings and emotions and are involved in the mental processes of the brain in particular. when memorizing. The exact number of opioids scientists have not been able to count, but they can say for sure

What is the increase in the number of opioids? It is believed that during intense training the body feels pain. And opioids are designed to increase the pain threshold, they lower blood pressure, slow the heartbeat and speed up the recovery process.

Scientists have also found that the concentration of special chemicals in the body, neurotransmitters, affects a person’s mood during exercise. Such substances include norepinephrine and serotonin. Elevated levels of these substances are observed in people in a state of stress. And the antidepressant effect of training occurs as a result of reduced concentration in the brain. Scientists came to such conclusions again after experiments on animals.

I want to say about another beneficial effect of sports training. During stress, muscle tension appears, which leads to fatigue, not only physical but also psychological. When we train, our muscles also tense, but after training – relax. And physical relaxation entails psychological.

In addition, a calm emotional person, such as during meditation, depends on the activity of alpha waves in the brain. Rhythmic exercises, as well as rhythmic breathing, increase their activity. Such exercises include running, walking or swimming.

In general, it is believed that regular intense exercise provides a person with immunity to stress. Yes Yes that’s right. People who lead an active sports life are less prone to nervous breakdowns. So to be beautiful, healthy and happy, you need to exercise regularly. No wonder they say that sport is a life, and a life without stress, depression and anxiety.