By Jaime Knopman & Sheeva Talebian

Have you ever wanted something to happen so bad that you felt stressed and anxious about it?

Us too.

As reproductive endocrinologists in NYC, we get worked up meeting all of the hopeful families that come to us seeking help with conception.

We want nothing more than to help make their dreams come true… and we’re happy to say, more times than not we’re able to lend a hand and create a successful outcome.

Yet when we see a couple stop trying and give up on their dreams prematurely, it’s devastating.

You see, our co-workers used to think that the main reason people quit treatment was financial or medical… until a study came out that revealed the number one reason people throw in the towel is stress.

This can be seen in countries where fertility treatment is paid for by the government, and couples still don’t take advantage of all their options.

When you consider that 50% of women who experienced difficulty conceiving said it was the most upsetting experience of their lives — this is completely understandable.

In fact, women reported fertility challenges were as stressful as a cancer diagnosis.

Research shows that up to a certain point, the longer couples stay in the game, the better their chances are of conceiving. Yet we see so many people give up before the odds turn in their favor.

Given the challenges that couples face when trying to conceive, we love it when we see patients make emotional and physical well being a top priority. Their relationships tend to be stronger, and they move through their fertility journey with greater ease and grace.

Just as someone would prepare themselves for a marathon by doing the right things for their body, women and couples can make the fertility process so much easier by doing the right things for their mind.

While stress isn’t usually the primary cause of infertility, it’s clear that it does play a role. How big or how small is hard to define, but the research shows that it can negatively influence the outcome of fertility treatment.

Finding ways to relax and reduce stress can support the reproductive process by balancing hormones, bringing you closer to your partner and helping you be as gentle as possible to yourself.

The road may be long and filled with lots of ups and downs, so we always recommend tools like meditation, yoga and exercise for our patients.

We’re writing this to see if you wanted to take our advice as well… no prescription necessary.

Whether you’re just starting out or on your fifth IVF cycle, take a moment right now and think of one thing you can do that would reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

Adopting a self care ritual can help improve your trying to conceive journey and enrich your life in the process.

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