Martin Polanco

It is unthinkable to maintain a healthy lifestyle by following the various restrictions to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus as the truncated lifestyle gives limited opportunities for any activities.  The signs of despair and frustrations are palpable among everyone. People are worried about the uncertain future as the Coronavirus pandemic keeps striking back with new force in its new avatar, feels Martin Polanco. The fear of the pandemic plays in the subconscious minds that only increases the mental stress and makes us unhappy as we lose interest in life that affects our wellness and wellbeing. Added to it is the barrage of sensational news and information flowing incessantly and continuously growing in volume that engulfs our lives and leaves us bewildered and helpless as we stare at an uncertain future, hoping that we survive the pandemic.

 While stress is a normal bodily reaction in such a situation, keeping it under control is essential to maintain good health. Here are some easy but effective ways to control stress that can make you more confident of winning the battle against the pandemic and starting a new journey in healthy living.

Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine says, Martin Polanco

When you stay at home for a prolonged time, it is challenging to suppress your craving for food. At the same time, tea and coffee could be alluring for relaxation as it can happen with alcohol and tobacco.  People might turn to these beverages and drinks, hoping that it will help them relax when they feel distressed. But the reality is just the opposite, as these can only make life more stressful despite providing some temporary relief. 

Caffeine in tea and coffee are stimulants that increase stress. Small quantities of alcohol are stimulating, but when taken in large amounts, it causes depression. Move away from these harmful drinks and instead start taking green tea, herbal tea, and diluted organic fruit juices that help to cope with stress better.

Eat a nutritious, healthy, and well-balanced diet. Restrict the intake of free sugar present in salad dressings and bread as it can cause energy crashes and fatigue.

Sleep more

Sleep deprivation is dangerous because it builds too much stress and can run down your health. Avoid late nights when you spend the entire day at home and follow a routine for going to bed at the same time every day.  Create a sleep-inducing environment in the bedroom that gives a tranquil feeling when you feel at peace with yourself. As you lie down in your bed, stop thinking and concentrate on sleeping so that you fall asleep soon. Never keep any electronic gadgets near your bed, including your mobile phone.

Practice some relaxation techniques

Never overweigh your mind with too many thoughts. To prevent unwanted thoughts from disturbing your mental peace, practice some mind relaxation techniques. You can focus on some words or phrases with some positive meaning like ‘work well,’ ‘calm,’ ‘peace,’ or utter some thought like ‘Grant me serenity,’ which is quite self-affirming. 

Have the patience to bring your mind under control as it takes time to acquire the skill of harnessing the mind.