Let us assume that you give some external pressure to a metallic body over its tolerance limit. You can see the body getting deformed due to this force. The body has just gone through stress and strain during your strike. Similarly, if your mind is hit with any external pressure, you will be in a state of stress. There is no need for this stress to be something that hurts you. It can also be like a responsibility, passion, or love. Stress can be of several types and you cannot claim that a person will be free of mental stress for his entire life. Each person will be under stress. However, the intensity of the stress levels can vary. You can also categorize stress as an element that acts as a result of frustration, nervousness, or something that does not please your mind. You can study a lot about mental stress in the articles published by expert doctors and medical scientists like Dr. Philip Sobash. Research is still going on to find solutions to reduce mental stress among people. However, there are some natural ways also to get relieved from stress. We are about to list out the various causes of stress along with the effects of it and ways to get rid of it.

Stress: causes

You can sit a whole day dictating the various causes of mental stress. The list will contain several situations that can affect your mind. If you wish to list the major ones first, you can try dividing the scenarios into two major categories as follows.

  1. Work stress

The name says it all. Whatever situations inside your office affect your mental peace will come under this category. Let us discuss a few of them.

  • The primary stress factor in your job will be your job itself at times. Let us assume that you have all your interests in painting and you ended up in a corporate job of programming on a computer. You will never be happy programming several applications and hence, you will be under constant stress.
  • The next thing is the deadline for your work. Usually, every company will offer you a deadline that is not enough to complete the given work. So, you would have to put extra effort into it. Hence, your stress levels will increase.
  • Some companies will be known for extended working hours. If you do not even spend few hours with your family or doing what you love, you will feel heavily stressed.
  • Sometimes, the work you love to do the most will also cause your stress when the duration exceeds a certain limit.
  • The environment of your workplace can also become a factor of stress. Let us assume that you work in a powerplant that can blast at any time. Such a scenario will never let you work freely.
  • If you are in a financial struggle and your boss threatens you with termination often, you could not avoid being stressed.
  • Life stress

Apart from your work, you may face several issues because of your life events also. Some of these issues are as follows,

  • You may lose any of your loved ones due to unfortunate events. If you could not bear the loss, you will be under stress for a long time.
  • If your family is under financial struggles but you have lost your job, your life will be stressful.
  • Let us assume that your life partner has issues with you and you are about to divorce. So, you may be under stress.
  • People who are living with domestic violence may experience long-term mental stress.
  • Let us assume that your parents or someone else is being sick and you have to take care of them. So, your daily routine may be stressful.
  • If you met with an accident and there is a severe injury, you would have to be under stress for a long time.

Stress: effects

Stress can be harmless at times. But once your mind starts being depressed due to the stress factors, you would be in trouble. The following are some of the health effects possible due to stress.

  • People being under constant stress will develop headaches most of the time.
  • You may experience fatigue easily and could not work for several hours.
  • You may have to lose your sleep mostly and will develop sleeping disorders.
  • You will lose your focus and concentration.
  • Anxiety and depression will be there for a longer time.
  • There will be some alterations in your blood pressure levels.
  • You will become prone to heart diseases.
  • You will never have satisfying sexual intercourse being under stress.
  • Your skin may lose its texture and overall health.
  • Fertility issues are also possible for people under stress.

Ways to get rid of stress

You can avoid or recover from mental stress by doing some activities and changing your lifestyle a bit as follows.

Exercise – Constant or regular exercise and workout schedules can help you stay away from mental stress. A workout session can distract your mind from factors causing mental stress. You will feel motivated always. 

Scented candle – Some people claim that they could recover from mental stress by using a scented candle in their homes. You can do whatever makes you feel better. 

Reduced caffeine – It is better to reduce the intake of caffeine as it will induce mental stress most of the time. 

Talking or taking notes – Your stress factors will see little if you look at them. So, it is a better practice to write whatever that you think is causing mental stress. If you have a buddy, you can share with him. Sharing your problems can help you get relieved.

Chewing gum – Although there are no proven records, there is a claim that chewing gum can help your mind to recover from stress. 

Hanging out – You will not have enough time to get stressed if you keep on partying and hanging out with your mates. So, you can go out with people whenever you can and spend time with them.