Stress Free Eating For Kids

We all know meal times with kids can be quite stressful and us as parents would do anything to make those meal times that little bit easier. There are a few ways we can do this such as giving them an input into what meals they have – without letting them take full control, of course; setting a meal plan where each family member gets to choose a dish and also by changing things up a little – sit down and eat with your children if you don’t normally or change where you eat – sometimes sitting outside in the summer can be really lovely and children will enjoy it a lot more.

Stress isn’t good for us as parents nor is it good for our children so it is important we take steps to ensure our lives are as stress free as possible so that it doesn’t impact on our health. Sometimes it is best to choose a selection of dishes that everyone enjoys, just to make things a little easier.

Here are three delicious dishes that not only your children will enjoy but the whole family too.

Roast Dinner

A roast dinner is always popular with the whole family – it is usually the choice of vegetables that are the problem. Consider making a full roast for the family but take into consideration what vegetables each member of the family enjoys. Whilst it is great to get children to try new things, sometimes it is much less stressful and easier to give them exactly what you know they like – finding a few vegetables that everyone likes will make this meal perfect for everyone.


Whilst it may be tempting to take the kids out to a fast food restaurant to get their hamburger fix, you can easily give them their favourite meal at home – and made a lot healthier – with this air fryer hamburger recipe. They get the juicy delicious hamburgers they enjoy and you can rest easy, knowing the meal has been stress free and knowing exactly what they are consuming.

Grilled Cheese

Sometimes problems at meal times can come from children simply not being hungry enough for the meal you made. It can be frustrating but this is why their input is key – if you know that they aren’t that hungry for a whole meal in advance, you won’t waste time making something they aren’t going to eat.

Something like this air fryer grilled cheese is perfect in this instance – they’re still eating something substantial and not stressing themselves out trying to eat something they know they can’t manage. Air fryers are a great device to have in the kitchen for times such as these – just make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes.

Here’s to many stress free meal times from now on!