Former E/Style Network Hostess with the Mostest Shares her stress free holiday  decor hacks

This is the season to be jolly, but many are so conditioned to run the fast track, with shopping and traffic and budget constraints. For this holiday season, make it a point to slow down and enjoy the process. You don’t have to bust your budget with overspending.

One of the best parts of holiday decorating is that it creates a time of togetherness with the family and loved ones. It’s a tradition that is steeped in positive vibes and everyone is celebrating. Doing creative projects that involve family members, such as kids participating always brings the family closer together and everyone feels like they are contributing.

Samantha Goldberg’s Stunning and Stress-Free Holiday Decor 

This year, top celebrity event planner and former E/Style network star, Samantha Goldberg has stepped up to share her most coveted secrets of holiday decor hacks even if you’re on a budget.  The highly sought after celebrity wedding planner and luxury event designer, located in New York, has some budget conscious holiday tips to delight all the senses.

Samantha Goldberg’s holiday decor hacks the whole family can create together

The Holiday Table & Décor — “I love the craft stores and dollar stores,” says Samantha.  “To add finesse to chairs, they have amazing red/white and gold giant bows at $1 each to give each chair a special touch… $30-$40 in total and NO LABOR – you can’t beat that!  Want more bling?  Use that handy spray can and glitter it up!” laughs Goldberg 

1.  Going back to nature: Now the kids can go outside and play, while hunting for pine cones to use for table decor and get creative with many other uses.Perhaps a theme of layering the center of the table with white plates and tiered pinecones would be fun. Layer a circle base, tying each pine cone together with string to keep in place and building a mini Christmas tree.  The top pinecone can be sprayed in silver or gold as the tree topper. One can of spray paint generally runs around $3-5 each.  This look is easy to make and quick.  You can also glue cranberries around each layer for a more tree-like festive look.  Be creative.  You might even consider spraying the glued in place cranberries gold, silver and the newest trend color, rose, for a more polished look. 

Natural elements combined with candles always set the scene for scintillating table decor

2.  Show stopper looks with a simple glass bowl. Fill the containers with simple items — water and/or red, green, gold, clear or silver cellophane paper, add a few opened red roses, floating candles and ½ bag of cranberries ($2-3 a bag).  This simple look has a big impact! The cost to make – cellophane paper $2-3 each piece use 2-3.  (Red looks amazing!)  Floating candles ( saucer type $1-3 each add 2-3 on water); Roses ( Red for a dozen $9.99) adding some colored votives such as red with tea lights maybe 4-5 around each arrangement cost $1-3 for each votive cup)….Place in center of table with various candles around or down the center in between each arrangement gives your table a festive glow!

3.  Hurricane lanterns you can spray gold or silver, including adding glitter    and fill with candles. You can spread some natural elements such as pine cones around it and even twigs and red berries. Intertwining them gives a natural yet festive flow to the mood.  The cost for hurricanes runs $5-$9 each.

For a big gala event, you can combine golden candlelight with fresh flowers and elements from nature

4. . Unique Charger plates are always in style, but try something new this year and purchase a small pack of round plastic plates with a decorative boarder and spray them red, gold or silver. (to name a few colors) and layer the plates underneath your place settings. This will definitely add a more exotic and festive feel to the décor of your choice. One spray can, should suffice, for showing off the outer edges of the plastic plate. The pack of plates can range from $5-$10 each. for 12–16 plates.One spray can, should suffice, and you can always just spray the outer edges of the plastic plate if you don’t want to spray the plate in its entirety.  The pack of plates can range from $5-$10 each. for 12-16 plates.

6.  3. To add more sparkles and delight to your traditional glass goblets, you can try a simple mixture of glitter of your choice around the rims of the glasses. Did you know there is gold and silver EDIBLE GLITTER? Now this is a fun and festive way to dazzle your guest and add a bit of sparkles to excite not only the eyes but the palate! This adds an extra treat without an extra expense, for those using the glasses. In addition, they shine nicely off of the candles and the water, adding a wonderful glow. Cost for edible glitter $5.99–7.99. (Also think about using edible glitter for Holiday Cocktails.)

7. Last year’s White House Christmas Decor set the scene for a white Christmas theme. Following in Melania’s footsteps, as she dazzled us while unveiling the heavenly look, this year, it’s not just about the monochromatic feel it’s also all white! And, who doesn’t want to make it a White Christmas — indoors, without the cold? This is the easiest of combinations: white plates, snow from a can (2.99 each,) (the kids will love to spray it) pine cones and hurricanes with white or silver candles. Take the snow and “spritz” down the center of the table. With the illumination from the candles, this sets the scene for a beautiful Holiday night with your nearest and dearest….

Add more Sparkles to bubbly champagne (it’s edible glitter)

The Holiday Cocktail“Obviously, we don’t want to go crazy because your guests need to drive home!  However, here are some quick, inexpensive and decoratively festive libations for the Holidays!” says Samantha. 

1.  Spicy Chocolate Stout It Out.  For those who love chocolate but want a twist, this is sure to please everyone, including the kids!   Keep the “Stout” out for those under 21!  This recipe is not only easy to make but VERY affordable and with a cinnamon stick as garnish and sprig of pine next to it, you’ve got that festive feel that people will be chatting about for days! 

Recipe:  Combine 2 TBSP Brandy, spicy simple syrup (purchased at any liquor store or grocery) place in a glass pint with ice and cover with chocolate stout add garnish and serve!

2.  The Jack Frosty.  Simple yet delicious and a GORGEOUS LIGHT FROSTY BLUE…You can make this extra icy with crushed ice or as a Martini.  It costs very little to make and is not brain surgery! Two great reasons to try it and its divine!  

Recipe:  1 shot each of rum and vodka.  Place in a shaker with ice and add in  ¼ cup of pineapple juice, 1/8th cup of cream of coconut and a “hint” of blue curacao and shake, shake, shake!   Pour the libation into a martini glass and add coconut around the rim for extra touches or even edible glitter! DELISH! Coconut makes GREAT snow like structures on a silver plate for some extra wow! If you like “Pina Coladas” this is sure to please your pallet.

3.  Sparkaletta Punch.  This is probably the most cost effective yet easiest of cocktails to make. Total budget for maybe 11 people per mixture will cost $20 at most as it doesn’t require the best alcohol but it certainly does the job! 

Recipe:  2 bottles of sparkling wine (Asti Spumante) — white and chilled, 2 cups of orange juice, ½ cup of any brand orange liquor even vodka and ½ cup of dark rum.  Place mixture in fridge for 2 hours – DO NOT ADD THE SPARKLING WINE.  When mixture is sufficiently chilled, pour into a clear glass pitcher and stir with ice.  Top with 2 750 milliliters of the sparkling wine of your choice over the mixture and serve.  Don’t forget the garnish with red berries on a twig to set the mood.  Serves about 11-13 people…If you serve in a plastic cup try a bit of silver or gold edible spray paint (found at a craft store or baking shop — $3-$5 each) around the rim.  Or, even better – edible chocolate cups found at a local liquor store for about $6.99-$9.99 for 12 pieces! YUMMY!

           (About Samantha Goldberg . . . As a celebrity host, major brand spokesperson and lifestyle expert, Samantha completed a 10- season run with E/Style Network’s hit series “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” which aired in over 130+ countries and is regularly featured as an expert analyst and trend setter on various national news programs including “Good Morning America,” CNBC’s “On the Money,” WPIX, “Fox and Friends, “The Today Show,” “GMA Now,” WGN, WLS, CW, CBS, NBC5, FOX Chicago, B-96 Radio, “Good Morning NY,” NJ12 (WWOR’s 18 Affiliates,) “Entertainment Tonight,” ABC News, NBC News, EBRU TV, Satellite TV, Better Homes & Gardens Television,  “Entertainment Tonight,” and much more.) 


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