Stress-Free Home

Are you under Stress in your own Home? Needless to say…Nowadays almost each and every Human being is under stress for various reasons. For you, the word “Stress” might be getting anxious or distracted by a strong heart rate or a slight feeling of quietness;  as your boss’s slight or a family member’s plight will pump stress hormones and blood pressure increases rapidly. 

But don’t worry !!!  Science has its own solution for you. Check these out.

Go for Brighter Colors

Bright colors such as lavender, blue, yellow or bright orange, etc. can recreate the feeling of natural light and can add up to some brightness in case of low light or darker rooms. These bright colors such as yellow, orange and similar shades are usually considered as happy colors. It is considered that this kind of color on the wall can lift people’s moods.

Maximum Exposure to Natural Light

It is advisable to install skylights. The sun rays from the skylights can improve the aesthetics of the room. The amount of natural light in a room affect people’s mood positively. It makes them feel more alive and vibrant. Smaller rooms with windows are more preferable than larger rooms with no windows. Glass can be used in making windows instead of wood or other opaque materials for more transparency. These windows can be covered with frosted films or can be tinted in case of privacy concerns. A few light bulbs can replicate natural light, which can help increase the atmosphere of rooms with no windows.


Research backs the fact that being closer to nature helps maintain physical well-being. It is believed to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and also stress-causing hormones in our body. One can bring nature indoors by including houseplants in their interior decoration. These plants reduce carbon dioxide levels inside the room and also creates a calm and soothing atmosphere. If you find pretty wildflowers in your vicinity, you can pick a few to put in the vase to decorate your drawing room. One can also go for nature-based images and paintings. As a result of a thorough investigation is suggestive that people prefer a clean, organized and systematic arrangement in their workspace to work efficiently.

The Closer to Nature, the Better It Is!

Contemplating fishes in an aquarium or fish tanks also have a remarkable impact on reducing stress and anxiety. Hence owning an aquarium in your home or workspace can be highly beneficial.

Positioning and Rearrangement of Furniture for De-stressing

Rearranging the furniture in different ways can help to stimulate the brain in new ways. You can do it by changing the direction of your bed, by adding new and comfortable furniture or changing the position of old furniture. This will give a new and fresh vibe to your old room. Get Sofas that can accommodate both you and your guests, so that it will allow you to have good social relations. Chairs with shoulder-height backs with soft cushions are more comfortable. You can personalize the space with curtains and lamps that go well with your wall color. Rattan furniture is usually meant for outdoors, but you can use it to decorate the indoors too if you wish to get a natural vibe.

Hanging Happy Memories on Walls

You can frame the last mesmerizing sunset view that you clicked during the vacations and hang it on the wall. This will help to recall happy memories and fill charm to the room as well. Family photos and crafted things look good and bring calmness to the room. Artwork should highlight your openness to different cultures.

 A community group involved in research rated the artists better when the art was more Ethnic than Western in style. That’s because of the artwork people see differs from their traditions, they may feel not-so-connected.

Last but not least; hire a suitable architect or interior designer to give your room a meditation vibe. Tools Patrol is reviewed by experts and Only Experts will know what’s available in furniture, home improvement tools and the current interior design trends, which you can combine with these research-backed strategies for keeping your room cool and calm.