Stress is something we all talk about today but only a few of us understand it completely due to unawareness or incomplete knowledge. The times have changed, however, the pressure to live a successful and serene life is still the same or say even more. This pressure is acting as a seed of stress and anxiety in today’s youth because of increasing competition and fewer opportunities. To top it off are factors like inflation, recession, and THE PANDEMIC! The pandemic has made various visible impacts on us and respective authorities are working to reduce or address it, however, invisible impacts like stress are yet to be analysed. The result? We feel stressed and suffocated beneath this pressure of making a career and living a normal life all the time. 

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Moreover, it is disheartening when millennials and youth are expected to behave a certain way by a society that fails to comprehend or acknowledge stress within them. Words like anxiety and depression should not exist in our dictionaries because apparently, we are just being kiddish or ill-mannered. Growing up most of us have heard questions like, why are you so upset, you haven’t even stepped outside in the real world yet? Why are you always crying like a baby? Or be an adult! Altogether intensifying the stress and leading to much more intimidating things and illnesses. 

In a society where we are not even allowed to express our emotions how can we learn to manage or address them? To answer this question, we have stated below the signs of stress that we allow you to recognise the red flags: – 

  • Feeling tired all the time with stomach or headache 
  • Feeling irritated about yourself and around others 
  • Insomnia 
  • Feeling fatigued and panicky 
  • Having trouble concentrating on work
  • Not having the will to eat
  • Isolating yourself even on weekends
  • Not just being yourself

The person who is suffering from it will recognize these signs way before someone else could and once you do, immediately seek help so that it does not worsens. Stress may seem small in the beginning but slowly it destroys your mental, emotional, as well as physical health, is ill-treated.  

The second biggest reason for stress after the pandemic right now is social media and the sense of competition it brings. Due to few examples flashing on social media, people have started believing that they should achieve everything before they turn 30 which is completely untrue. It has been scientifically proven that a person peaks their career between the age of 30-45 years, so when you think your career has ended, it just starts. Do not let social media and some exceptions make you believe otherwise. 

While you cannot eliminate all the aspects that can cause stress, you can surely become better at managing it irrespective of your age group. Following are some tricks that can help you overcome it and look for solutions instead:-

  • Limit social media- Eradicating social media is impossible in this era of digitalisation, hence, limit your period on it instead so that you are connected to the virtual world but still not overwhelmed by it. Believe it or not but social media also has a positive side and one should strive to be a part of it. 
  • Physical Exercise– Exercising will not only keep you active but also give you a break from a monotonous lifestyle that is causing stress within you. Instead of exercising you can even opt for any sport that you can play on a daily basis benefiting your physical as well as mental strength. 
  • Limit Your Caffeine Intake– Caffeine may seem to give you a kickstart for the day, however, it has its own side effects that cannot be overlooked. Caffeine will give you a rush along with a sense of anxiety due to a rapid increase in blood pressure. 
  • Plan or Track your Day– Scheduling is the best way to get results within the limited time, hence, many offices also use employee monitoring software. Scheduling will help you to decrease the stress caused by workload and increased productivity will bring a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Eat Healthily– There are a lot of food items that comfort you when you are feeling low like ice creams, chocolates, soft drinks, pizza, and the list goes on and on. While you think it is alright to consume such foods because you are stressed, they can be highly addictive and injurious to your body along with stress. This can lead to cause lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, obesity, etc. 
  • Avoid the use of Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs– Intake of any of the above items at the time of stress or otherwise will lead to severe addiction and we are all aware of the side effects they cause, so stay away from them. 

Undoubtedly our life will be full of ups and downs and we cannot control it, however, we can manipulate it and deal with it efficiently. In doing so, we will not only live a happier life but also focus on attaining solutions instead of dwelling on the problems that are irrepressible.