Stress is less when you LIVE life and NOT JUST SPEND years

When was the last time you actually laughed aloud? When was the last time you planned a weekend trip despite being happy and not to break the monotonous stress. You usually find yourself absent minded while working in the office. Concentration is something that is the most difficult thing for you nowadays.

Why all this happening? Is there an emotional reason behind this, or materialistic or the maze of both? Every person has different reasons but the ultimate result is stress. You know what is the most unfortunate thing? Despite being the smartest creature of the planet earth, humans are the weakest and prone to the mental stress.  

However, there can be no denial in the fact that hope finds its way even in the densest bushes of gloom. You should also try to revive from monotony to get back your peace of mind. It is the right of every living thing on the planet to have a stable life.

Mindfulness is the best way to meet yourself again

It is always difficult to be in the moment but from somewhere you need to start. When action is taken in a positive direction, positivity comes which weakens mental strain. Most of the tensions stay in your mind, which already has many tasks to perform whole day. This can be hazardous. While boarding metro if you are feeling upset you may get hit by the metro door due to lack of mindfulness. It is so necessary to be in the present moment because whenever you miss it, you lose precious moments. Do you want to do that whole life? Certainly not.

Give yourself many chances

There is nothing like ‘last chance’ if you actually want to have a happy life. Whether in career, personal relations or dreams, if you are experiencing failure repeatedly, then don’t lose hope. You have every right to get up again and try one more time. When you keep the constraints of ‘number of times’ for a task or aim, you stay in stress. This may block the creativity as well as productivity. Everyone wants to achieve something in the very first chance, but hey! Every journey has some stations to stop at. Destination does not come instantly. It takes time and effort.

Do not let communication technology break the dialog with life

No need to talk about the bigger picture, just take the example of mobile phones. The consequences of their untamed use are not hidden. Sleep disturbances, stress, depression, blurred vision, brain cancer risk, neck and back pain. All can make a team to create a BIG  threat for your health. Same is the case with the uncontrolled use of computer, laptop, tabs etc.

You need to put a limit on this. If your excuse against this is – How will I connect with people around me? Then there are ways for that. You do not need to stop using things but just keep a limit. Excess of everything is bad. Accept it and implement it.

Age is never a constraint if you really want to be happy

Do not strain yourself too much with the age factor.  If you have an exhausted routine in the effort to earn before you get old, then wait a minute. It is absolutely necessary to plan for life but hello!!! What about your present? You get old and keep getting old year by year, but young age comes only once in life. Besides, every age has its own ways to celebrate the moments. Plan your today and tomorrow but keep some small windows open to let the fresh air come time to time during the journey. Keep living life in small moments.

Weekends are not the only occasions to relax and have fun

Are you among those who talk so much about Monday blues and find them monstrous? Are you among those who just wait for the weekend to implement all fun plans?

Wait a minute? First of all any particular day of the week has nothing to do with your mental peace. Second thing is, happiness is not in control of any materialistic stuff. Even on Monday, you can do something, which rejuvenates your tired soul.

Why not spread some flowers on the bed on any weekday night (preferably next day to Sunday) and surprise your partner? Two small candles on the dining table with an easy to make one bowl dish are perhaps sufficient to have you back in mood. Keep creating your own ideas and do not hesitate to implement them.

Keep your financial life stable AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

If you have 10 reasons of stress, 8 of them are related to money matters. This is general thing applicable to many and in fact countless. It is an unavoidable fact that money is in the core of the materialistic life. More stable you keep it, more happy is your life. For instance –multiple obligations and income-outgoing imbalance has caused bad credit situation for many.

But you need to work on effective solutions immediately. For instance – take help of advanced online financial solutions. Apply for the bad credit loans online on instant decision. May be you know, maybe you don’t know but these are the short-term online loans specifically to help poor credit scorers. Borrow funds on customised rates, instalments are small, repay them on time and earn boost in credit score.


Life has a big heart J it gives you many opportunities to normalise everything again. Do not let them slip from your hands. Explore every opportunity and bring back the tired life and soul in action.